Harry Lorayne, renowned brainiac, is most famous for his memory I bought a copy of Lorayne’s How to Develop a Super-Power Memory after. How to Develop a Super-Power Memory by Harry Lorayne, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There is no such thing as a poor memory; only a trained or untrained one. Harry Lorayne proves it by showing that anyone can accomplish amazing memory.

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You’d have been amazed to find how much better your marks would have been. The first lesson in developing a pimped-out memory is: After you’ve learned the methods, I’m sure you’ll agree that con- scious associations will be more useful and valuable to you than you ever imagined they could be. As in the case of the itinerant preacher who always complained that he made his best speeches on the way home.

If you can’t think of it; why, use any other word that serves 72 Speeches, Articles, Scripts and Anecdotes 73 the same purpose. You will remember them all quite easily.

How to Develop Superpower Memory

To see what piwer friends thought of this book, please sign up. It should be, “I didn’t remember in the first place. The word, “LAW” will always represent 5.

Contents It Pays to Remember Appointments and Schedules A simple way to keep your daily and weekly ap- pointments and schedules on your mind. That might make it shper little incon- venient, unless you’ve arranged your errands accordingly. Remember then, it is the sound that’s important, not the letter. If you re- membered the word, “face,” you remembered that the spaces on the staff are, F, A, C, and E. You can start to prove this to yourself in the next chapter.

The book is written for your average reader, which does get on my nerves, because the average reader is a moron. These card peg words are not chosen at random.

You can start right now! Leave your email below, and we’ll send you weekly or monthly updates powr our best essays. Link Method of Memory A man’s real possession is his memory. Just think of the last item, that will recall the next to last item, and so on down, or rather, up memiry line.


Start to remember as memort never remembered before.

How to develop a super-power memory

Simply link the first item to the second item, the second to the harey, and 60 Uses of the Peg and Link Systems 6 1 so on, down the list. Try to get one or more of the above into your pictures, and with a little practice you’ll find that a ridiculous asso- ciation for any two items will come to mind instantly.

Peg System of Memory A certain organization, whose membership consisted of gag- writers only, was having its annual dinner at a swank hotel in New York City. The sound for 6 will always be — ], eh, sh, soft g, efc. When you say the right one, it will sort of “ring a bell” in your mind, and you’ll know that that’s the right one. Not only is this a great book for some astounding memory stunts, it can help anyone in their daily life! A sheet of paper lying on a carpet would not make a barry association.

Here are all fifty-two card peg words.

Full text of “How To Develop A SUPER POWER MEMORY Harry Lorayne”

Lucius Scipio was able to remember the names of all the people of Rome; Cyrus was able to call every soldier in his army by name; while Seneca could memorize and repeat two thousand words, after hearing them once. Had to look again, didn’t you? At first, you may have to list, perhaps, two or three Key Words for some thoughts.

Step out of the room and test yourself once more. For this first one, you might see yourself opening a purse and a swarm of bees fly out of it, stinging you.

I say, “force yourself,” because at first a little effort may be necessary; however in an amazingly short time, you’ll find that there is no effort at all required to make yourself want to remember anything. Some of you will probably think it’s a bit silly for me to ask you to keep making sure of a simple phrase like that, but it’s important for you to be absolutely aware of what it says. Give yourself 5 points for every number that you put down in its correct place or sequence.


Some- day, somewhere, a guy is going to come to you and show you a nice brand new deck of cards on which the seal is never broken, and this guy is going to offer to bet you that the Jack of Spades will jump out of this deck and squirt cider in your ear.

Remember that all these systems arc aids to your true memory. In this way you will never walk on another actor’s lines. Before going into the actual memorizing, 1 must explain that your trained memory will be based almost entirely on mental pictures or images. It is too logical! A bottle lying on a bed, or anything like that would be too logical. The sound for 1 will always be — T or D.

The strange thing is that trained memory systems are not known memoty used by many more people. Michelle likes denim but prefers leather trousers. With the Link Method you can forget a list whenever you want.

You see, most of the things you have ever remembered, have been associated subconsciously with something else that you already knew or remembered. If you have realized the importance of actually “seeing” these ridiculous asso- ciations in your mind, you’ll have no trouble.

The Importance Of Memory. I guess you’ll have to leave the quiz show with only the consolation prize. The objects to be remembered are actually linked one to the other, forming a chain, and that is why 1 call this the Link method of remembering.

Any one of these would surely bring the entire story to mind, if you liked it in the first place.

memoy The third is the system of substitute words or substitute thoughts, which 1 will discuss in later chapters. You can see yourself smoking a shoe instead of a cigarette, see millions of cigarettes falling out of a shoe, or you can see yourself wearing gigantic cigarettes instead of shoes. For example, if you wanted to remember the names of the Dionne quin- tuplets, you could try to remember the word, “macey.