It is the winter of , the last dark days of World War II in occupied Holland. A Nazi collaborator, infamous for his cruelty, is assassinated as he. The Assault by Harry Mulisch – book cover, description, publication history. A review and a link to other reviews of The Assault by Harry Mulisch.

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The war has ended but not xssault in this Dutch land. At the funeral of one of the members of the resistance, he meets Cor Takeswho was involved in the murder of Ploeg. Additionally, Mulisch often incorporates ancient legends or myths in his writings, drawing on Greek mythology e.

The Assault

Overigens is as volgens mij ook nog eens een alchemistisch symbool, iets wat staat voor de vele transformaties en transformaties van materie en geest die de alchemist najaagt. Was guilt innocent, and innocence guilty? The Fascist gentlemen kulisch rather consistent as far as that goes. It is a brief episode, barely a squeak in the din of the collective scream.

The shouting dies down, the waves subside, and all is silent once more. Her spectre, one that preoccupies Takes particularly as well, provides the story a powerful sense of the irrational and the romantic and the need to find an anchor in the midst of chaos within the context of love. Resistance fighters shoot a Nazi collaborator. Maar met dat laatste boek is het voor mij allemaal begonnen, zonder dat boek zou ik “De ontdekking van de hemel” en “Hoogste tijd” nooit zo hebben gewaardeerd, en daarom is “De aanslag” toch mijn dierbaarste Mulisch- boek.

Sep 15, Michael rated it really liked it. En nu, maart mukisch, herlees ik weer “De aanslag”. This post was first published onon the blog Resident Alienunder the title: Its examination of memory, of the true character and motivations of people, and of the way things circle back on themselves deserve more comment than I can pithily expound mulsich here.


And they cover so many so-called genres. But they don’t have that problem; they can do away with us without any qualms. A Nazi collaborator, infamous for his cruelty, is assassinated as he rides home on his bicycle. Anton is interrogated but spared on account of his age, then released to relatives. Pages to import images to ,ulisch. Just before the end of WW2 in Haarlem, a Dutch police chief and Nazi collaborator is assassinated by the Resistance outside a set of four houses including the house of Anton, his brother Peter and their parents.

In Amsterdam, Anton is picked up by his uncle. The Assault – US. I don’t like to review books because I don’t do it well.

THE ASSAULT by Harry Mulisch | Kirkus Reviews

Wat een genot mensen, wat een genot. About memory and past events and how they influence things — how it is impossible to understand and judge others actions as well as knowing their consequences. Anyway, was not my favorite book and will certainly not read it again.

Anton Steenwijk is only mulissch inliving in fear with his family in Haarlem, the war ending but the German noose still desperately tight around Holland. He is haunted by the events of that fateful evening, and although his future is a bright one with a beautiful young wife and child his view is to the past, as he desires to learn what happened to his parents and brother, and to find out more about the events that led up to the Inspector’s shooting.

Actually, the body falls before someone else’s door–but it’s then immediately moved in front of the Steenwijks’.

The Assault – Wikipedia

See all books by Harry Mulisch. The Assault spans decades in the life of Anton Steenwijk. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At times, the book has the feeling of a Graham Greene novel, with slight noirish thriller elements; its moral ambiguities and shadowy characters seem like something out of The Third Man and any number of Greene books in which time and circumstance have left its protagonists rootless and desperately seeking rootedness in an unforgiving universe.


You might ask, how do I know this? This kind of thing is, sadly, very familiar to me.

An excellent look at the ravages of war. A heated discussion ensues in which the question arises as to who is responsible for the deaths of their respective fathers. In postwar literature the horrors of Naziism tend to be painted in broad strokes. The Assault original title in Dutch: In the final azsault, Anton stands with his beloved son, named after his murdered brother, in the midst of a peace demonstration in a Cold War Europe, his questions answered at last.

Moreover, Peter Steenwijk goes outside intent on moving it again [this scene is, in fact, grimly amusing], either back to from where it came, or to another house.

The play is not, of course, at all concerned with war and yet Steenwijk sees something in it, in an innocuous scene involving a family sat around a table, that reminds him of his own family and that awful night in Better them, than us.

In de tweede wereldoorlog wordt een collaborateur geliquideerd door het verzet, het lijk wordt om allerlei nauwelijks begrijpelijke redenen verplaatst en toevallig voor het huis van de familie Steenwijk gelegd, waarna een keten van absurde gebeurtenissen ontstaat die ertoe leidt dat Antons familie en zijn broer door de Duitsers worden vermoord.

From the Trade Paperback edition. His mother, Alice Schwarz, was Jewish. Years later during a large anti-nuclear demonstration inhe hears from a former neighbourhood girl the reason why.

A novel by a prominant Dutch writer that trades in old traumas, delayed reactions, drawn-back layers of truth. As Anton, and we, slowly learn more about that night we find our initial assumptions being challenged.