Results 1 – 16 of 17 A Remedial English Grammar For Foreign Students. 1 January . An Outline History of the English Language. 21 September history and geography. For example, the fact that the English language (or its ancestor) was carried from the continent to the British Isles in the fifth century AD . Buy An Outline History of the English Language by Frederick PDF Online . ISBN from Laxmi Publications. Download Free Sample and.

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Besides, English has spread to many foreign countries as laguage language of trade. Changes in Middle English consonants were still fewer. Examples are two, who, talk, calm, where w, 1 are no longer pronounced.

An Outline History Of The English Language by Frederick T. Wood

The final conversion of the Anglian king- doms, however, was made kf Scotch missionaries from the Irish monastery of lona. Doubtless this will always be so, owing to the wide separation of the two countries. These and others were printed, written, and pronounced without modified vowels. The Teutons brought a language which replaced that of the conquered.

For this reason few Danish words appear in Saxon literature.

This was due to settle- ment in England of the Danes, or people from Scandinavia and Denmark. These included all but the smallest number of words. Another foreign influence indirectly resulted from the coming of the Danes. There were numerous romances also.

Far from being an unnatural influence, too, analogy is both natural and inevitable in all languages. By the second, ME. By this change the former Norman rule gave place, for more than half a century, to Angevin kingship. He published an Etymological Dictionary in second volume,which was much more com- plete as to common words than any preceding.


Yet the fact of shortening is a clear one when we compare English with any inflected language. Examples of the modern development of the diphthongs are: From Middle to Modern English the changes are somewhat more numerous, and in two direc- tions. Jennifer Andrews rated it it was amazing Jul englixh, It was seen that English had changed somewhat, even hi the modern period. All but the first have come to be distinctly illiterate. Malaprop and Shillaber’s Mrs. Yet ft.wood in litera- ture has naturally not affected speech itself.

An Outline History Of The English Language

So, after vowels, Middle English g, w themselves became vowels, and the two vowels then became diphthongs. An e with a tag f represents an open sound like that in there, care ; o, an open sound like that in lord. Even Shakespeare makes Mistress Quickly alter homicide into honey-seed. The most important Latin literature was his- torical.

Nikhil rated it liked it Mar 05, Later, words with a artistic assumed the sound of the vowel in man, as other short a’s had done. There was more attention to every phase of dic- tion.

Otherwise simple vowel sounds were represented by simple characters or the liga- ture ae. These are Chaucer, incomparable master of literary art; Gower, his friend, who wrote the Confessio Amantis ; Lang- land, of the Piers Plowman, among poets.

The advance of English toward a national language was steady, as English and Normans became one people. It is clearly not a record of councils which decided cer- tain changes.

The Saxons gave their name to the dialect which they used. The literature of England, so plenteous and well known as to need no chronicling, is full of these new influences. That is a sophis- tication of language, not an improvement of it; a turning English into French rather than refining English by French. English thus began to acquire foreign words. He expressed his views further in a series of dictionaries, from that of to an American Dictionary in The dialect of London gradually became Midland in character.


In Blair began his Lectures on the subject at Edinburgh. An Old or Middle English writer used the dialect of his own region, with no thought of whether it would be understood by other Englishmen. In a few cases one consonant has been substituted for ot, though the spelling may not show the change. To these we may add Wyclif, the reformer, and the author of Mandeville’s Travels among prose writers.

In this period, for the first time, could be prepared a grammar of standard English, rather than of Midland or Southern or Northern English. This may be dated fromwhen Vy wrote his Bruce, the national epic of Scotland.

The rapid spread of this reform was doubtless largely due to the adoption of Webster’s Spelling Book in American schools. Notwithstanding radical changes of sound, it has remained essentially unphonetic. He continued to use English and Latin in official documents.

An Outline History of the English Language

Even the spelling of such words as dead, death, breath, been, blood, book, look, shows that their vowels were once long, though all rnglish now short. As early as they had first attacked Northumbria.

Side by side with it, literary Scotch developed from the extreme Northern of Edinburgh.