He saved Peyton Lockhart’s life when they were kids — but now she’s all grown up and he’s a seasoned FBI agent who comes to her rescue again in the new. When a woman’s dream for the future turns into a nightmare, a handsome FBI agent makes her vulnerable to more than she ever imagined in this novel. I don’t know what it is about Julie Garwood that keeps her at the top of my eagerly awaiting list. Her heroines typically are gorgeous and naïve.

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Finn though never really paid attention to Peyton. Refresh and try again.

A cousin is brought in as another evil character and she may have been just one evil character too many. I liked both lead characters who were a bit broken but still willing to go another round.


She can stand and smile around when she knew her husband’s activities. I don’t know how I missed this one when I was reading the series last year. Drew, Randolph’s son-in-law, hotshof sexually harassing her, but HR stonewalls her, she doesn’t take things to Randolph because he’s not in the office 3.

Peyton comes across as a strong female character trying to do the right thing by exposing her boss and protecting other women from him and trying to run a resort while dealing with her crazy family.


Peyton realizes Finn does not recognize her, and calls him by her nickname for him, when they were young…Hotshot. How is this related to the previous book, Mercy, from the Renard-Buchanan series?

Not long after, their uncle offers Peyton and her sisters the opportunity to work at his resort, supervising a major renovation and planning a grand re-opening, with the possibility of taking over ownership at the end of the project. This one, however, was not one of her best.

Hotshot (Buchanan-Renard, #11) by Julie Garwood

She chose the money. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This book read like an amateur novel, and not a Julie Garwood. Okay I reallllly enjoyed this installment to the series. As a person who has read nearly every J.

Now an agent with the FBI, Finn is more than happy varwood help an old friend. I love it when a novel can get me in and keep me there.

REVIEW: Hotshot by Julie Garwood | The Good, The Bad and The Unread

The only things that annoyed me were Peyton constantly ignoring the actual danger and Finn would quite often use his status as Juulie Agent to break up bar brawls, stop snipers from rooftops, and all around play super hero.

Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there and that was pretty much all the character development we get for Finn. Between Finn and Peyton there was only a small conflict that was quickly resolved, the drama between them wasn’t drawn out to ridiculous lengths just to provide the tension of will they or won’t they which I always find silly as the book’s a romance, so of course they will. Jul 09, Barb Lie rated it juulie liked it.


REVIEW: Hotshot by Julie Garwood

Just give her back to her father is not enough. Nov 14, Yuni rated it jule liked it. There are a lot of crimes that are interesting to read about besides those and I like when an author thinks outside the box.

I liked it a lot but didn’t fall head over heels in love.

Peyton’s choices make her seem like a moron. Things like a someone managing to find the heroine on a highway in a snowstorm despite her leaving at least a few hotsoht ahead of him or the glaringly obvious ‘mysterious’ vandal. That might have worked if some of the scenarios hadn’t seemed implausible.

They can run Bishop’s Cove in Florida for one year and make a profit they can keep it forever. He loves his job and has no intention of following his brother into wedded bliss. I also liked Killjoy. Then she calls on her childhood friend, Finn MacBain. I may have had a different opinion October Reread and Review Solid 4.

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