houseboy Ferdinand Oyono begins his haunting tragedy at the end of a Cameroonian houseboy’s life. “Brother, what are we,” Toundi Onduo. Ferdinand Oyono has really done a great work with this fictional work. portrayed this in the life of Toundi when he has to be the houseboy of the Commander. Ferdinand Oyono crafts a novel about the oppression black people go through in the hands of the white colonialist. In West Africa specifically.

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I read this novel in high school in the year Oyono uses housebooy major themes to develop his story: Click here to sign up.

Akafia Sammy January 17, A journal written in Ewondo, the indigenous language of the Maka, translated by its founder into French. Open Preview See a Problem?

The theme of colonialism in reference to houseboy, novel by Ferdinand Oyono

Sipho sharifs Hkuseboy 1, Later, he would be given the diary or exercise book of Toundi, a houseboy on the run. I feel as if I’ve been in the presence of an underrated African classic.

You can get a lot of gain after read this book. However Toundi continues to disagree with the oppression of the houseboyy man and the hypocrisy of Christianity. Toundi then becomes “the Chief European’s ‘boy’–the dog of the King.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Husband, Father, Researcher, Bike Guy. The Frenchman finds his diary, which is called an “exercise book” by Toundi. It is a tragic story about love, betrayal, and social injustice.

Critical Analysis — Ferdinand Oyono’s Houseboy

When Toundi sees the Commandant in the shower and realizes his master has not been circumcised— an important element in becoming a man in his Cameroonian tradition— he feels a pang of embarrassment. Oyono’s writing style is simple and poetic at times, I loved the form through which fersinand story is told- a diary and I particularly loved the way the main chara Colonialism in Cameroon through the eyes of a houseboy.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The above analysis is skillfully written, quite detailed and i must say very useful for for anyone interested in learning more about the novel.

As time goes on, Madame becomes more and more hostile and disrespectful towards Toundi. It said that about e-book. The clear picture comes out when Toundi is just delivered to a new master after the death of the old master father gilbert; he was just a slave to work for the whites without pay.

Dialect is another important factor of African identity.

Critical Analysis — Ferdinand Oyono’s Houseboy | Regarding Race, Nation, and Our Future

Until now, debates about indigenous knowledge have largely been conducted in terms of agricultural and environmental issues such as bio-piracy and gene patenting. The Madame is one of houssboy stronger characters in the novel, in fact. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Toundi inquires at the end of his life What are we blackmen who are called French?


About six months after Toundi comes to live with the Commandant, Madame, the Commandant’s wife, arrives from France. Housebog becomes sick and Mendim takes him to the hospital. Aug 19, Priscilla Mensah rated it liked it Shelves: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Or he casually trod on my foot as I was doing up his sh I really enjoyed this novel fedrinand Oyono, my first – I’m probably going to look for more of his work.

The story is told well but the ending is pretty abrupt. Then things fall apart. Though he was advised to flee by Kalisia— the reader screaming internally at Toundi, begging him to depart— he remains.

Toundi is eventually taken to live with the Commandant, the man in charge of the surrounding colony.