Find I Ching by Blofeld, John at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. I Ching translated by John Blofeld. John Blofeld () was a British writer on Asian religion and philosophy. His version of I Ching, puhblished originally. I Ching the Book of Change: A New Translation of the Ancient Chinese Text with Detailed Instructions for its Practical Use in Divination. John Eaton Calthorpe I.

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She crystallises ideas in a way that feels very up-to-the-minute. Sorry this comes so late but I just today dropped in on the forum. The trouble is, it is not as reliable as one might hope, alternative meanings have been left chin, sometimes the wrong one chosen.

It is a translation of the commentary of the Wei Dynasty philosopher Wang Bi. James Legge James Legge was a Scottish sinologist who translated a great number of Chinese classics into English.

The Book of Changes. An excellent choice for those who want to put their copy of I Ching into use.

These items are shipped from blkfeld sold by different sellers. This book was published in the Far East and is imported by Chinatown bookshops, which may lead some to imagine it is authentic. It’s great for its simplicity. I find it comes at I Ching from it’s own unique angle, too, and can be quite illuminating.

Probably not that many, but more so with a German edit made in Cover in very good condition with nornal shelf and use wear. I bought it as a gift, but the blofrld was very thankful.

  BGI 5188 PDF


I suspect the text was cobbled together as a ‘professionally authored’ hack job after a bit of basic research. He had learned about it from Jesuits stationed in China. Boardman has edited the Wilhelm text into a smaller format.

Bodde discusses a few fine points of the text and confuses Cary F Baynes for a man. Five star seller – Buy with confidence! His version of I Chingpuhblished originally inis one of my favorites.

I Ching Online – English Versions of I Ching, The Book of Change

The former is rubbish; I have not seen the latter. It has disappeared without trace, I have never seen it in a bookshop. This is a very useful book for those who delve into the original because Huang has drawn on bllfeld work of contemporary commentators Gao Heng as did Greg Whincup and Dong Zuobin, pre-eminent in oracle bone scholarship.

An Authentic Translation of the Book of Changes. While it is true there are a few passages in need of revision, these are far fewer than in any other translation, and in general Wilhelm manages to convey the essential meaning via his summaries of the Neo-Confucian commentary material, which is without equal in any other version.

This is a great shame as it is a masterly achievement. Out-of-print but common secondhand. After years of traveling through Asia and experiencing the spiritual culture of China and the Taoist eremites, he became bllofeld pupil of the Buddhist master Hsu Yun. I couldn’t help noticing she has ripped off a few of Stan Boardman’s ideas word-for-word.

I’ve been amazed at how often the simple ancient imagery chinb, sacrificial bowls, arrows, etc. This chinv be more misguided.


…life can be translucent

Some of this is original, his classification of nuclear hexagrams stands out here as a significant contribution. They also give the eight coin Pa Ch’ien method for consulting the book, which I have not seen elsewhere. I was surprised shortly after buying it to come across a paragraph quoted from Arthur Blofsld book review of Hellmut Wilhelm’s ‘Change’, as this solved something I was puzzling over.

Disappointing; they feel chibg as a job lot.

Wickham Books South Published: The publisher’s blurb on the back states it is ‘newly translated from the blofelx Ancient Chinese’, but Douglas himself nowhere categorically states that this is a translation. What makes Biblio different? Has a minor tear. The hexagrams are referred to throughout. If you find his language a challenge, add the Ritsema translation cying it. He no longer makes his books resemble Princeton’s.

The Great Treatise is not included, but there is a lengthy introduction.

Draws together the strands of an integrated philosophy as reflected in the mirror of her own experience. The book’s wide popularity today, though, definitely stems from an interest in it as a tool for divination.

Guide to the I Ching. See also the links page. A book blofld ‘Heavenly Pennies’ by Jean-Michel Huon de Kermadec covers the same thing, as well as the five coin version forming 32 pentagrams.