The conditions contained in Rule 65 RPE +; ; Fax: + – Email: press [at] () Follow ICTY on Twitter. Pursuant to Rule 6(D) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the Tribunal, the adoption shall enter into force seven days after the date of. The Mechanism may conduct retrials; appeals proceedings from ICTR, ICTY and Mechanism cases; trials for contempt and false testimony; and review.

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Any objection by a party to an act of another party on the ground of non-compliance with the Rules or Regulations shall be raised at the earliest opportunity; it shall be upheld, and the act declared null, only if the act was inconsistent with the fundamental principles of fairness and has occasioned a miscarriage of justice.

Sub-rule 2 ensures that the convicted person does not forfeit his or her right to appeal if the Prosecutor decided to discontinue an appeal that has been filed under article 81 1 b. A A suspect who is to be questioned by the Prosecutor shall have the following rights, of which he shall be informed by the Prosecutor prior to questioning, in a language he speaks and understands:.

It shall be accompanied by a copy of the indictment, and a statement of the rights of the accused. Rule 1on behalf of the Court cf. C The rules of procedure and evidence in Parts Four to Eight shall apply mutatis mutandis to proceedings under this Rule.

E The Registrar shall, in consultation with the Judges, establish the criteria for the payment of fees to assigned counsel. All in all, the Rules were not a big issue during the drafting of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, because the main controversies had already been settled in Article 84 of the Statute. As soon as an appeal has been filed under rule or as soon as leave to appeal has been granted under rulethe Registrar shall transmit to the Appeals Chamber the record of the proceedings of the Chamber that made the decision that is the subject of the appeal.

Any information or documents transmitted to the Presidency under sub-rules 1 to 4 shall be transmitted to the Prosecutor, who may comment.

Rules of Procedure and Evidence

E The right of the accused to challenge the evidence presented by the Prosecution shall remain unaffected subject only to limitations contained in Sub-rules C and D. B Examination-in-chief, cross-examination and re-examination shall be allowed in each case. As the UK is a State Party and therefore bound by the entire content of Rulethis deviation from the other Agreements is immaterial.


B The transfer order shall be issued by a Judge or Trial Chamber only after prior verification that the following conditions have been met:. B The President shall consult the other members of the Bureau on all major questions relating to the functioning of the Tribunal.

The Presidency shall give notice in writing to the sentenced person that it is addressing the designation of a State of enforcement. B The Prosecutor shall on request, subject to Sub-rule Cpermit the defence to inspect any books, documents, photographs and tangible objects in his custody or control, which are material to the preparation of the defence, or are intended for use by the Prosecutor as evidence at trial or were obtained from or belonged to the accused.

The Registrar shall make a sufficient number of copies of the record on appeal for the use of the Judges of the Appeals Chamber and of the parties.

A A Chamber, on its own initiative or at the request of a party, may warn a witness of the duty to tell the truth and the consequences that may result from a failure to do so. Historical Origins of International Criminal Law. Before deciding to change the designation of a State of enforcement, the Presidency may: He shall transmit the record to the Trial Chamber. As is the case for the first review decision under Art.

Commentary RPE: Ch. Case Matrix Network

In the request for cooperation and measures for enforcement, the Court shall also provide available information as to the location of the proceeds, property and assets that are covered by the order for forfeiture. All proceedings before a Trial Chamber, other than deliberations of the Chamber, shall be held in public, unless otherwise provided.

The provision highlights once more the possibility of a State to reject a designation, even if it had declared its general willingness to enforce sentences before and all attached conditions had been previously accepted by the Presidency.

C The Trial Chamber shall indicate whether multiple sentences shall be served consecutively or concurrently. It may jcty summon witnesses and order their attendance. Normally, a written procedure should be sufficient Gartner,p.

D If a request is refused, a further request may be made by a suspect or an accused to the Registrar upon showing a change in circumstances. A After the initial appearance of the accused, either party may move before a Trial Chamber for appropriate relief or ruling.


The Presidency may allow the sentenced person to make oral presentations. B Subject to Sub-rules 6 A and B and Sub-rule 18 Cthe decisions of the plenary meetings of the Tribunal shall be taken by the majority of the Judges present. However, after the opening statements provided for in Rule 84, or the beginning of the presentation of evidence pursuant to Rule 85, the continuation of the proceedings can only be ordered with the consent of the accused.

In all cases, when the Presidency decides on the disposition or allocation of property or assets belonging to the sentenced person, it shall give priority to the enforcement of measures concerning reparations to victims.

Article 1 c. In the view of the Appeals Chamber, the holding of an oral hearing at such a late stage in the proceedings would unduly affect the expeditious resolution of the appeal, ictt factor for the rejection ofthe Request for an Oral Hearing.

With regard to reparation orders, it is curious that no mention is made of the initiative of the beneficiaries, i.

After the expiry of the time-limits for filing the briefs provided for in Rulesandthe Appeals Chamber shall set the date for the hearing and the Registrar shall notify the parties. E The Presiding Officer shall ensure that the deposition is taken in accordance with the Rules and that a record is made of the deposition, including cross-examination and objections raised by either party for decision by the Trial Chamber.

The Appeals Chamber may confirm, reverse or amend a reparation order made under article In practice, the ICTY generally prefers written submissions and seems to interpret the Practice Direction as such that oral hearings are only considered as an alternative to written submissions insofar as the latter ones do not suffice cf. The Registrar shall keep a Record Book which shall list, subject to Rule 53, all the particulars of each case brought before the Tribunal.

Where it appears to the Prosecutor that a crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal is or has been the subject of investigations or criminal proceedings instituted in the courts of any State, he may request the State to forward to him all relevant information in that respect, and the State shall transmit to him such information forthwith in accordance with Article 29 of the Statute.