Intacs for keratoconus treatment in New Jersey and NYC. Dr. Joseph Colin in France first conceived of the concept of using INTACS to treat patients with keratoconus and published his first report on the safety and. Am J Ophthalmol. Feb;(2) Epub Nov Long-term follow-up of Intacs in keratoconus. Kymionis GD(1), Siganos CS, Tsiklis NS.

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Effect of age on outcomes in patients with keratoconus treated by Intacs using a femtosecond laser. In fact, we were the first to perform this combined procedure in the U. Patients should be presented with realistic expectations to avoid disappointment.

Rigid contact lens fitting is delayed for at least 3 months when the cornea is relatively stable, the sutures have been removed and the entry incision has healed. The channels can be recut at a shallower depth for the INTACS to be reinserted if the initial outcome is unsatisfactory.

The procedure should be aborted in the event of perforation into the anterior chamber or anterior corneal surface perforation.

Keratitis after implantation of intrastromal corneal ring segments Intacs aided by femtosecond laser for keratoconus correction: If this is to be done it is our recommendation to always have a careful informed consent outlining the potential dangers of PRK in such patients, always to use mitomycin a the time of surgery and never to leave the cornea with less than um thickness.

Contact lens or keratoplasty? Colin et al were the first to report the use of these rings in keratoconus [5]. Most people can return to work one to two days after the procedure.


This page was last modified on March 8,at Humanitarian Use Devices HUDs are medical devices specially designated by the FDA for use in the treatment of fewer than patients per year with rare medical conditions.

The eye is prepped and draped. They may be used to correct larger myopic and astigmatic refractive errors than INTACS because of their design and closer proximity to the visual axis This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication.


Hersh keratoconuz decide on a surgical plan designed to give you optimal results. Since the entry cut is vertical it can often initially be a bit tricky to advance the INTAC through the channel. Other rare complications include: Thanks for the help.

We will discuss these possibilities in detail prior to your procedure. The other group of rarer complications may be secondary to problems with insertion of the Intacs, infection, or problems with corneal healing. I could not tolerate a hard contact lens to correct my vision. This procedure is very quick and extremely surgeon and patient friendly.

Sequential Intacs and Verisyse phakic intraocular lens for refractive improvement in keratoconic eyes. There are four types of ICRS which differ in geometrical profile and diameter: I feel very lucky to have found and taken part in these new and exciting treatments for keratoconus.

The insertion is performed under topical anesthesia. Hersh will be able to discuss the goals of Intacs for you based on the severity of your problem. I appreciate the care I have received very much.


This has completely changed my life!

Intacs Corneal Inserts Or Implants: A Proven Treatment For Keratoconus

There are conflicting results in terms of reduction of corneal higher order aberrations, especially of the coma type. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.


Intacs are two small crescents of a contact lens-like material PMMA. Intacs for the correction kkeratoconus keratoconus: Joseph Colin in France first conceived of the concept of using INTACS to treat patients with keratoconus and published his first report on the safety and efficacy for this indication in 3. In contrast to this a study published this year suggests that excellent results are achieved with a temporal incision and placing two INTACS: Enroll in the Residents and Fellows contest.

The vacuum is released and the VCG is removed. The very next day my vision in my left eye was clear beyond keratoconuus expectations with Intacs.

Intacs Corneal Implants or Inserts: Proven Treatment for Keratoconus

CK is a collagen shrinkage procedure which can help reshape the cornea. The best place to place the vertical incision is on the steepest keratometric meridian, make sure however that the INTACS will bisect the thinnest part of the cornea so that it will physiologically make the cornea normal by thickening the thin area.

Corneal thinning disorders often lead to protrusion, irregular astigmatism, and even perforation.