Introducere în management. A Burciu, G Prelipcean, I Bostan, V Hapenciuc, C Chaşovschi, C Roman, Editura Economică, Bucureşti, 65, Professor Ph.D. Aurel BURCIU management strategies and rapid adaptation of organizational structures can Harrington, J.S. , ; Burciu A, ): a. .. Burciu, A. (), Introducere în management, Editura Economică, Bucureşti. Introducere in management fotografia produsului -4%. Aurel Burciu, Gabriela Prelipcean, Ionel Bostan · Introducere in management. RRP: ,62 leu. ,99 .

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Which influence on innovation novelty? Among these factors, we can mention: In this way, the part of services aims on becoming proportional to their contribution within the process of economic growth. Co-operation and co-opetition as open innovation practices in managememt service sector: In this paper we propose a retrospective review of several aspects concerning the impact of GATT and its successor, WTO, on the international trade in the postwar period.

Thus the accumulated experience in enhancing the competitiveness will definitely be useful to other countries, including the Republic of Moldova, which will go through all the stages of European integration in the foreseeable future. However, gaining access majagement such a diversity of new resources or using too many resources simultaneously generates an attention and a maintenance problem. New articles related to this author’s research. The competitiveness of a country depends on the competitiveness of enterprises and their products.

In our opinion, this is largely determined by the inefficiency of the ongoing anti-monopoly introducee and the burden of customs procedures.

Burciu, Aurel [WorldCat Identities]

The cross descriptive research represents the most intfoducere type of research used depending on its development in time. Another negative effect of the economic growth, seen in the conception of some skeptical people, can result from the process of globalization, introduere it facilitated the general economic growth, and contributed simultaneously to the emphasis of the economic inequalities between countries and to even poorness.

The mains similarities concern: The measures taken for diminishing seasonality are mainly developed by means of traditional methods, particularly consisting of advertising efforts made in managemnet to sell a tourism product that is insufficiently adapted to the extra-seasonal demand. An increasingly international division of labour and knowledge has increased the number, and geographical diversity, of relevant knowledge sites, forcing firms to access external knowledge to support their value chain activities Rothaermel and Hess, and, thus, to create and manage connections with other organizations Hess and Rothaermel, Kntroducere 1 First Online: Revista de turism-studii si cercetari in turism, This is supported by statistic data, according to which, there are more than 42 thousand of farms working in Ukraine, a part of which lease land.


For example, competitiveness at the firm level clearly indicates micro level competitiveness, while national level competitiveness reflects the macro level.

Burciu, Aurel

The results of the study of the effectiveness of their functioning are presented in the works of such scholars as V. The main driver of open innovation is inherently communication between stakeholders. This is a negative moment considering the implementation in Ukraine of the concept of the sustainable development, which means the combination of these main components economic component, environmental component, social component.

The author hopes to evaluate more adequately the determinants of aurep, a special emphasis being made on the role of clusters in the economic growth. This paper has empirically explored the risk agenda companies encounter in the process of open innovation.

The causes of agricultural holdings appearance in Ukraine are, to introdudere mind, the necessity to strengthen the positions on the markets by production enlargening, and the larger the enterprise isthe easier to defend its positions. One can definitely say that between services and the economic growth, a double conditioning takes place, meaning: All above totally gives reasons to believe that the fundamental changes in the medium term should not be expected in the region.

However, the economic research community has not developed introcucere sufficiently stable arel of competitiveness and its determining factors. As the practice shows, Ukrainian holdings started to form mainly due to the diversification — outflow of capital investments from high-profit industries oil and gas and metallurgical industries to the agricultural e. The most important differences were registered in: The classic personal survey was also used, a survey which supposes a face to face discussion between the interview operator and respondent, which permits the obtaining of the necessary information for the research.


Comparison ayrel agricultural holdings characteristics and character of their management in different countries enables us to distinguish certain specific features of Ukrainian agricultural holdings comparing with buriu similar enterprises in other countries: By scale of commercial operations CE are divided into wholesale and retail stores Gospodarskii kodeks Ukrainy, In a nutshell, while the foundation of open innovation is knowledge exchange, such partnership holds significant risks residing not only in the failure of collaborations but also in potential loss of competitive advantage should the critical internal competencies and knowledge is spilled over on the market place to competing firms.

This approach encompasses foreign trade indicators, such as exports to GDP ratio and foreign trade balance to GDP ratio. On the one hand, this is aurl to a considerable increase in the number of tourists travelling during the full season and, on the other hand, to the efforts made by the service providers and directed at prolonging the tourist activity season.

However, as later detailed, this open innovation projects may also entails a wide range of risks which need to raise awareness of.

This paper presents an actual subject, an important domain, as higher education, an area in which the inadaptability at market makes the difference between to be or not to be active in the market. Therefore, knowledge sharing is a potential risk because the organization may lose its competitive edge over its competitors. In such economies, the sector of economies infroducere assimilated the workforce issued in the other sector, when this over plus of labor force represented simultaneously the cause of its expansion.

Additionally, this knowledge exposure could provide the rival organizations with added advantages if the competitor adapts this knowledge and gains significant market share Lichtenthaler, The most authoritative comparisons of countries’ competitiveness is the research conducted by the World Economic Forum WEF.