Persiapan Dasar Intubasi Sulit – Laringoskop berbagai ukuran – ETT berbagai ukuran – Introducer (stylet, elastic bougie) – Oral dan nasal. Detection of ETT malposition in a timely fashion is crucial in both elective and auskultasi untuk membedakan antara intubasi endotrakea dan endobronkial. Intubasi endotrakea adalah salah satu prosedur penting dan umum pita suara, sedangkan ujung distal ETT berada pada cm dari carina.

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Blind digital intubationpp. Nonintubation management of the airway: Several manufacturers market prepackaged cricothyrotomy kits, which enable one to use either a wire-guided percutaneous dilational Seldinger technique, or the classic surgical technique to insert a polyvinylchloride catheter through the cricothyroid membrane.

Tracheotomy consists of making an incision on the front of the neck and opening a direct airway through an incision in the trachea. One important difference between RSI and routine tracheal intubation is that the practitioner does not manually assist the ventilation of the lungs after the onset of general anesthesia and cessation of breathinguntil the trachea has been intubated and the cuff has been inflated.

The application of cricoid pressure may in fact displace the esophagus laterally [48] instead of compressing it as described by Sellick. User Username Password Remember me. The difficult pediatric airwaypp.

Evaluation and recognition of the difficult airwaypp. Such patients, who may be awake and alert, are typically critically ill with a multisystem disease or multiple severe injuries. The patient with a full stomachpp. The patient will be paralyzed and intubated on the ground before transport by aircraft.

The decision to use a straight or curved laryngoscope blade depends partly on the specific anatomical features of the airway, and partly on the personal experience and preference of the laryngoscopist.


If this situation is not immediately identified and corrected, death will ensue from cerebral and cardiac anoxia. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Intubation. The mean cuff pressures of group MP was More serious complications include laryngospasmperforation of the trachea or esophaguspulmonary aspiration of gastric contents or other imtubasi bodies, fracture or dislocation of the cervical spine, temporomandibular joint or arytenoid cartilagesdecreased oxygen content, elevated arterial carbon dioxideand vocal cord weakness.

InChevalier Jackson was the first to report dtt high rate of success for the use of direct laryngoscopy as a means to intubate the trachea. In contrast to the conventional laryngoscope, these devices allow the laryngoscopist to indirectly view the larynx. However, because only a minority of patients survived the operation, physicians undertook tracheotomy only as dtt last resort, on patients who were nearly dead.

It can however be performed in the awake patient with local or topical anesthesia or in an emergency without any anesthesia at all.

Complications of managing the airwaypp. Tracheal intubation is a typical example of a closed technique as ventilation occurs using a closed circuit. At the other end is an orifice through which such gases are directed into the lungs and may also include a balloon referred to as a cuff. Abstract reprinted in Pediatric Anesthesia 6 3: The proposed surgical procedure e.

Tracheal intubation

Internet Journal of Airway Management. They may also be used as a route for administration of certain medications such as bronchodilatorsinhaled corticosteroidsand drugs used in treating cardiac arrest such as atropineepinephrinelidocaine and vasopressin.

Metode palpasi pada pilot balon, teknik melepas spuit secara pasif, endotracheal tube. Furthermore, protective airway reflexes such as coughing and swallowing may be diminished or absent.

A manual of peroral endoscopy and laryngeal surgery PDF. The “armored” endotracheal tubes are cuffed, wire-reinforced silicone rubber tubes. Tracheal intubation can be associated with minor complications such as broken teeth or lacerations of the tissues of the upper airway. Body plethysmography Spirometry Bronchial challenge test Capnography Diffusion capacity.


Inability to secure the airway, with subsequent failure of oxygenation and ventilation is a life-threatening complication which if not immediately corrected leads to decreased oxygen contentbrain damage, cardiovascular collapseand death. General anesthetic agentsopioidsand neuromuscular-blocking drugs may diminish or even abolish the respiratory drive.

In order to limit the risk of damage to the recurrent laryngeal nerves the nerves that control the voiceboxthe tracheotomy is performed as high in the trachea as possible. Although such medical scoring systems may aid in the evaluation of patients, no single score or combination of scores can be trusted to specifically detect all and only those patients who are difficult to intubate.

Tracheal intubation – Wikipedia

Cardiothoracic Geriatric Oral sedation dentistry. It is determined by looking at the anatomy of the mouth, and in particular the visibility of the base of palatine uvulafaucial pillars and the soft palate. Tracheal intubation is indicated in a variety of situations when illness or a medical procedure prevents a person from maintaining a clear airway, breathing, and oxygenating the blood.

Because the airway of a child is narrow, a small amount of glottic or tracheal swelling can produce critical obstruction. It is conclude that the palpation method for cuff inflation are inadequate.

Rapid sequence induction and intubation RSI is a particular method of induction of general anesthesia, commonly employed in emergency operations and other situations where patients are assumed to have a “full stomach”.