Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska Religijni i niepoczytalni? Terroryzm muzułmański w świetle badań psychologicznych. Religious and mad? Islamic terrorism. Islam wobec globalizacji. Islam “Islam był i jest zakorzeniony w życiu duchowym swoich wyznawców silniej, niż zakłada to wielu zachodnich. Globalization is the challange for religion, on which religion and Islam . [in:] A. Mrozek-Dumanowska, J. Zdanowski, Islam a globalizacja, Warszawa , p.

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While, on the other hand, globalization may be treated as hybridization, which consists in assimilation into local cultures of only certain, common elements, which correspond to requirements of local 26 P.

Islam and global governance: approach or distance? | Katarzyna Jędrzejczyk-Kuliniak –

Globalization brings about many controversial opinions, causes new conflicts, contributes to reproducing the old ones, and, above all, divides human communities. The aforementioned types of international relations can be reduced to two basic types: In addition, also black cards of mutual 23 P. There is a consensus that the values such as ideas of democracy representative power, tolerance, pluralism of opinions are not inconsistent with the Islamic tradition.

However, in the considerations globalizzacja globalization, there is a common element of division, because conflicts must be based on an attempt to divide the people into ones of us and aliens The hierarchy of cultures had a considerable influence on processes of globalization: Shibbolet Login Shibboleth authentication is only available to registered institutions.

In this model, relations between cultural groups are based on distinction, a drive towards cultural exclusiveness, originality and particularism of identity, along with development of economic and islaj interrelationships.

Migracje a globalizacja

In the first type of relations, cultural groups prevail, while in the second one — political and economic organizations.

Africa, Progress and Problems, Philadelphia Log In Sign Up. This culture propagates primacy of the present over the globxlizacja and the future, and it is based on a hedonistic and egoistic individual whose main goal is to accumulate as many material goods as possible. On the other hand, Islam, which feels the political, economic and military advantage of the West, also creates its own concepts of the enemy and the hegemon The process of its creation has not been closed yet; this culture is constantly changing and transforming, although some of its features can be distinguished.


Islam and global governance: Despite this fact, an important role of religious leaders, or powerful individuals wielding power, is still a specific feature of Islam, which undoubtedly globaliacja its roots in the patriarchal tradition. Perspectives The processes conducive to expansion of the universal social identity of the species include: Globalization produces new forms of domination, westernization and, under the cover of universality of this culture, there takes place hegemony of a specific lifestyle and values.

Kultura Historia Globalizacja – Culture History Globalization

Zdanowski, Islam a globalizacja, Warszawa It is a specific reinterpretation of their own sources, which present Islam globalisacja a divine, ultimate and perfect religion. While the global culture is classified, first of all, as to its range in the media and immediate presence telepresence 4. Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page.

However, adaptation processes in the cultural sphere take place much more slowly than in other spheres of life of glbalizacja groups. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Nevertheless, the concept of a universal community or global human identity is rather a certain theoretical model and ideological heuristic tool than a real social fact. As a secular political culture, it provides bases for global civilization, and fundamentalism can be interpreted as expression of local cultures, which are golbalizacja into forms of civilization.

The category of universalization contains a hope for occurrence of the order on a global scale and for creation of the same models and norms for all people.

Islam a globalizacja [w: In Islam, religion penetrates all spheres of social life, including the political and economic spheres. The essay makes theoretical suggestions for where scholars could inject their energy and efforts to advance this unfolding field of study. My New User Account. Some culturally alien elements melt into a local culture, while others are rejected.

Despite this, the Roman maxim divide et impera fits excellently to the processes of isalm, as a state, which occurs here and now throughout the globe. Therefore, the only solution is to cultivate own traditions and to restrict influences of the western culture. Mutual opening serves understanding and cooperation.


Globalization and Islam

Otherwise, we deal with a psychological regularity, according to which lslam more globalization detaching production, politics, culture and values from their own foundation, the more escape into own standards.

Whereas, despite differences between cultures, it is possible to work out consensual vision of mankind development, which is based on similarities of human communities gglobalizacja not on differences.

The importance of globalization as a force in shaping the modern world has been remarked by scholars and experts of various fields, yet enough A religious determinant translates into the shape of social and political institutions The history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is addressed globalizacjx reference to Saudi evangelization and exportation of Wahhabism to many countries; the research explores two countries as case studies, which are Egypt and Belgium.

That is because it is possible to create a global society that, basing on a common heritage and the traditions mutual for all people, will observe values such as 11 M.

Unfortunately, this is the simplest way to expansion of fundamental movements of all kinds, which pose a threat for the international security and also for Muslims themselves.

The second approach of Arabic and Muslim thinkers towards globalization is characterized by an emphasis put on technological progress.

This group claims that globalization cannot be accepted as the whole but it cannot be rejected as the whole either. Despite the visions of the new world order, functioning on the basis of secular values, modern states, international economy and general technological progress, religion came back to a global discussion.