ILMI ISLAMIYAT LAZMI BA BSC BCOM Muhammad Khalil Related Books ILMI ISLAMIAT LAZMI FA FSC CCOM DCOM ICOM K LIEY (IK) Rating Star. This Urdu Book Edition is now available to read online or download. Islamiat Lazmi BA Bsc Urdu Book is a famous Book Urdu digest which. Posts about Islamiyat written by Sahibzada Syed Shahrukh Kamal Mukarram introduction to 6 most authentic books of Sunnis and names (with compiler’s.

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Imam Abdul Ghani Al Maqdisi h Imam Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab. Rauf is a very good book. Shaykh Waleed as Saleh.

Shaykh Usamah al Amri. Shaykh Abdullah al Kaamil. Shaykh Assim Al Hakeem. The only sub-standard thing at UET is its Islamiat department.

Convert it to Fine Arts department. Ziyad bin Hamad al Umar. It means the islamiywt exam will be held in the first year of B.


ilmi islamiat Book for B.A Bsc BSCS BCOM By ( Professor Doctor Muhammad Khaleel ) – Anas Rasheed

Shaykh Abdul Qadir al Junayd. Shaykh Fahd al Muqrin. It will guide you about subjects selection for exam, list of subjects, format of exam and syllabus. Imam Abdul Qadir Jilani h Shaykh Muhammad Bin Ismail Sieny. Shaykh Abdul Muhsin Al Tuwaijri. Shaykh Sulaymaan bin Saleemullaah ar Ruhaylee. I havenot go through that book so far. Shaykh Taha Saeed Khalid. Shaykh Salmaan al Awdah. Shaykh Ubayd ur Rahman Madani. Shaykh Khalid Dhawee ad Dhafiri.

The third book, which I haven’t read Are any of the first two books standard issue for instruction in schools and colleges?

Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab al Wasaabi. Not only that they preached their version of Islam but they were also quite uni-dimensional and narrow minded in their thinking. Shaykh Husayn Aal As Shaykh.


Please log in to post quick replies. Imam Ibn Mansur h Shaykh Saalih al Ubood. Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril.

Shaykh Salih bin Fawzan al Fawzan. Imam Abu Bakr Ismaili. Imam Salih ibn Muhammad Ibn al Uthaymeen. Click here to read How to apply for B. As engineers, we should not just focus on hard core engineering but should be able to view the world in a non-engineering manner as well. Shaykh Muhammad Saud Al Harbi.


Shaykh Abdullah Adh Dhafeeree. Shaykh Dr AbdurRahman Dimashqeyyah. Shaykh Dr Saleh As-Saleh. Shaykh Muhammad Makki Al Hijaazi. Shaykh Khalid ad Dhufayree. Shaykh Adil Al Shurjee. Okay Folks, I have always been curious about and fascinated by Pakistanis perceive religion. Shaykh Husayn al Awayishah.

Shaykh Abdul Azeez As-Sadhaan. Imam Muhammad Ibn Sireen.

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Shaykh Haafidh Ibn Ahmed al Hakami. Shaykh Assim as Sabuni. Charlie Senior Member Status: Shaykh Ehab Al Badawi.