Our goal in the preparation of this Black Book was to create high-value, high- quality content. . Ixia’s Black Book website at . The Ixia Black Book describes methodologies to verify SDN & OpenFlow functionality and performance so networks perform at their best. At Ixia, we know that the networking industry is constantly moving; we aim to be your technology partner through these ebbs and flows. We hope this Black Book .

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Spyware Spyware is a type of hidden malware that collects and forwards user and computer information. Masquerading as valid Web sites collecting backbook and personal information.

DH Groups are different bit length selections used in this calculation. In addition, known vulnerabilities must be applied using the wide variety of evasion techniques.

Ixia Black Book: Network Security

AH provides data authenticity, data integrity, and data non-repudiation, but not data confidentiality. The first significant worm was the Morris worm, which was released on November 2, IPsec Global Settings 4. Select the Loops button.

The DUT must be tested to ensure that none of the denial of service attacks, singly or in combination, is able to disable the device. An Informational request may contain no payload. IKEv1 default configuration options 7. Network elements, such as routers and home gateways, come with a default administrator password, passwords that often never change. Network Security Testing Network security is a critical concern for enterprises, government agencies, and organizations of all sizes.

Another variable is introduced by the type of traffic. Despite the enormous number of attacks and despite widespread publicity about these vulnerabilities, most Web site owners fail to scan effectively for the common flaws. The New Configuration mode builds a configuration from scratch, overriding any previously configured settings.


Search Go More Xiia. Tunnel Capacity Review the IPsec statistics indicating the number of Phase2 tunnels initiated, connected, failed, and active by inspecting the following statistics. The combination of thousands of known vulnerabilities and dozens of evasion techniques requires that a subset of all possibilities be used for testing. The major avenue of attack is through flawed software. Two endpoints use blacckbook single bidirectional SA at the end of their phase 1 negotiation.

If the device does not reach steady-state, check the TCP failures.

Select the desired Quick Test case, click Start from ribbon icon to start executing the test. An example of DoS that uses amplification is the Smurf attack, which floods the victim’s network by using spoofed Bllackbook messages sent to a broadcast address. Leave the other options with their default values unless the active DUT configuration requires it. Objective Determine the impact of network-based attacks on the performance of an application-aware device while processing and forwarding legitimate traffic.

Select the Add Command s entry. It provides measurements such as successful attack frames, successful attack rate and attack throughput for analysis.

The public-private cryptography used to create the shared secret using an algorithm called Diffie-Hellman. Configure the IPS to provide the maximum protection against exploits targeting published vulnerabilities.

Spam is usually delivered by e-mail and in most cases, seeks to sell something blackobok an included link. More memory is required for IPv6 based endpoints.

Ixia Black Book: Network Security

The number and types of attacks continues to grow at an alarming rate and the devices used to defend against them are necessarily complex. The number and types of attacks are enormous and the devices used to defend against them are necessarily complex. These types of flaws are often called ‘zero-day’ flaws, because they remain undiscovered until the first day of their deployment. Evasion techniques can be divided in several classes, including the following: Phase 1 establishes communications between the lbackbook gateways, while Phase 2 establishes the communication for the network behind the security gateways.


They spread themselves to other network nodes without any user interaction. Regardless of the availability of a patch, vulnerable software continues to be used. The Network Plug-In Settings window is displayed. For the remote-office scenario, IxLoad can optionally emulate hosts behind the remote IPsec gateways. This test determines the security effectiveness of a Networkbased Intrusion Prevention System against published vulnerabilities targeting both client and server applications.

Allows two gateways to agree on IPsec communications parameters on behalf of sets of hosts on either side of the gateway. DoS attacks targeting bandwidth consumption requires a higher bandwidth than the victim’s bandwidth or they are relying on amplification techniques. Select File New … to create a new configuration. Such filtering is very blacbook. For a step-by-step workflow, see Appendix C.

Log keystrokes to discover passwords and other information. IPsec – Tunnel Capacity Test This option assigns blackbooo unique MAC for each emulated gateway.