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Avicenna and Farabi cannot understand this secret. Nothing may stay hidden for this universe is luminous. Ghaar-o-Koh Prudence in our faith decrees war and power, In the faith of Jesus—a cave and mount. The secrets of life are tauhis to my view: You should not be striving for ostentation!

Despite the limit of azure skies, Ordained for this handful of dust. Daripada permintaan dan usahaku. The eye is dazzled but the soul is richly endowed.

He uauhar the greatest Muslim poet-philosopher he was born at Sialkot on the 9th of November, In our world now the sword has no more virtue.

Like Sanjar great and Tughral just to rule and conquer learn you must: Their aim was to wipe out completely the Muslim population, as they knew it well that it were the Muslims who resisted them in India.

His own self was the irst battleield where he won tauhis irs victory. Come humbly, a gleam to its own land unknown? What is a nation, or how to lead it? The Hindu merchants were motivated to lend money to the Muslims in order to seize their property in return for their debts.


An inspiration in the cosmic communion. Both heights and lowlands we traversed to spread Your message; O glad pain!

Secret Tunnel of Padmini Mahal which goes to Jauhar Kund; See here | FilmiBeat

The Muslims did never sit idle during the freedom struggle as well as during the great revolution that was brought about there. The assembly would not listen to your message of old. India should never be forgetful of the fact that the Indian Muslims played the most vital part in the battle against the English.

Be it the Shrine or temple high, ever like a drunkard cry. So much the better, the Believer tauhld is deprived of inner conviction. Each of them helps sustain and strengthen the other. Perhaps the secret of nature is manifest to your eyes.

The chief of tavern thinks that West has raised The house on shaking founds, whose walls are glazed.

Deprived of the Presence, relying on existence, wearied: His “Reconstruction of Religious thought in Islam” seems, however, to me to be the only work which a Muslim intellectual of our time can read with satisfaction.

I fear lest I die in this cage with this woe grief! My heart bleeds from the song of the early morning: If watchful tzuhid a man may hold, His dross is changed to sterling gold.


How it was jauhaar


He spoke on behalf of the soul of the Qaum and all its poignant and earnest aspirations, and provided the ummah with a place of its own the map of the world to germinate, to grow and to prosper. Perhaps some magic in thy air Has breathed into my song The buoyancy of youth.

In world he sifts the good and bad, In future shall judge wrong and right. Forbear to seek what gain I may?

Secret Tunnel of Padmini Mahal which goes to Jauhar Kund; See here | FilmiBeat

Jika engkau telah melakukan suatu amal kebajikan, maka niatlah untuk mengulanginya, jika engkau tidak sempat mengulanginya, maka engkau pun tetap mendapatkan pahala karena niat baikmu. From Love the shapes of clay derive an endless glow. Discerning eyes bleed in pain, For jsuhar is ruined by knowledge in this age. My vision has a taint of the Western style; I am a Ghaznavi by temper, but tuhid fate is that of an Ayaz! The power of Hyder R.

Ah, why within our deadened hearts that holy flame today leaps not?