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Inhe was expected by Theosophists to enter Sydney, Australia walking on water, but this did not eventuate and he visited Australia the following year by ship.


Volume 3 of Biography, p. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or coerce people along a particular path. Inhe met Aldous Huxley.

There is no possibility of getting used to it for it has never been nor will it ever be Krishnamurti decided to go back to Ojai 10 January after his last talks in Madras, which made it necessary to have a hour flight.

See Sloss, “Lives in the Shadow,” ch After a protracted legal battle Besant took custody of Krishnamurti and Nitya. Following his discovery by Leadbeater, Krishnamurti was nurtured by the Theosophical Society in Adyar. It comes into being, suddenly and most unexpectedly, with a force and intensity that is quite overpowering and at other times it’s there, quietly and serenely. Krishnamurti was also concerned about his legacy, about being unwittingly turned into some personage whose teachings had been handed ih to special individuals, rather than the world at middu.


This is no magnificent deed, because I do not want followers, and I mean this. Lutyens, Awakening, p 1.

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However, he stated that people could perhaps get into touch with that somewhat “if they live the teachings”. It was thought that the area’s climate would be beneficial to Nitya, who had been diagnosed with tuberculosis. On the opening day of the annual Star Camp at Ommen, Holland, August 2,in front of several thousand members, he gave a speech disbanding the Order, saying:. The news regarding Krishnamurti and the World Teacher were not universally welcomed by Theosophists and led to upheavals in the Society; Lutyens app.

Lutyens, p 12 Leadbeater had a history of being in the company of young boys, and gossip about that was vehemently denied by Annie Besant.

Part of the controversy was Leadbeater’s role. Krishnamurti was fond of his mother Sanjeevamma, who died when he was ten. She uses calculations based on a published horoscope to derive a date of 11 May but “retains a measure of scepticism” about it. A new strength, born of suffering, is pulsating in the veins and a te,ugu sympathy and understanding is being born of past sufferinga greater desire to see others suffer less, and, if they must suffer, to see that they bear it nobly and come out of it without too many scars.

Retrieved 4 June I looked for his face in every passer by and asked each if he had not met with my brother; But none could give me comfort.

He was like a vessel with a large on in it, whatever was put in, went through, nothing remained. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Inhis eldest sister died, aged twenty. In his memoirs, he describes his mother as “to a certain extent psychic” and how she would frequently see and converse with her dead daughter.


The Life of Jiddu Krishnamurti

Aberbach contends that the experiences were a projection boojs Krishnamurti’s accumulated grief over the death of his mother. Leadbeater on krishnaamurti private beach at the Theosophical headquarters at Adyar in Chennai, India. Inthe family moved to Cudappah and Krishna contracted malaria, a disease with which he would suffer recurrent bouts over many years.

Narianiah had retired at the end of and wrote to Annie Besant to recommend himself as a caretaker for the acre Theosophical estate at Adyar. Krishnamurti was unrelated to his contemporary U.

The questions then arise as to whether his attitudes were conditioned by indulgence and privilege.

Krishnamurti resigned from the various trusts and other organisations that were affiliated with the defunct Order of the Star, including the Theosophical Society. Leadbeater’s Influence This discovery created a bit of a problem, as there was already a conflicting claim made for Hubert van Hook bson of Dr Weller van Hook, a surgeon in Chicago, and the General Secretary of the Theosophical Society in the United States.

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Krishnamurti, the Invention of a Messiahquestions the ultimate impact of the revelations when compared to Krishnamurti’s body of work as a whole. His mind was clear till the very last moments. In early adolescence he had a chance encounter with occultist and theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater in the grounds of the Theosophical Society headquarters at Adyar in Madras.

Because once you define a thing it becomes dead.