I found this at a thrift store a while ago and thought it’d be something people might be interested in having some nice, high-res photos of for reference. Arno is an amalgam of the Loomis planes and a ‘planes of the head’ sculpture by John Asaro. Asaro was, as far as I can gather, a student of. Documents Similar To Planes of the Head – John Asaro. Anatomy Intro. Uploaded by. vinicius Successful Portrait Painting. John H. Sanden. Uploaded by.

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At first I thought that looked like a very good way to proceed, very sound. However, you can quote images or text without asking permission on your educational or non-commercial blog, website, or Facebook page as long as you give me credit and provide a link back. Contact You can write me at: January 17th, They have a camera tripod thread at the base for mounting. The PERspiration is up to us! I’ve got the mini plaster head and I joun noticed that it is quite different from the usual plane heads but still helps a big time when I am doing my digital sculptures.

It makes an amazing difference to drawing I think.

Feeling the Form – Loomis and the Planes of the Head

It is essential to know anatomy and the canons of facial proportion, period. It must be a very good way of ensuring that the large forms are laid in correctly first, and keeping from getting tied up detail too early in a drawing.

That would be great Lisa, thanks. Sargent turned out to be the perfect master to try this on since he simplifies his forms quite strongly into planes and has a strong sense of form. June 17th, I think the emphasis on self expression which we take so much for granted these days is a peculiarly modern phenomenon, and a hang over from the Romantic movement in many ways.


Loomis is the beginners guide to construction, yes, you have to take it further. Loomis, clearly, could do both, work from sight, work from imagination. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Arno:. Dinotopia is a registered trademark of James Gurney.

Too many of the interlocking edges of the planes are undefined, even in the first drawing. I was discussing this some time ago with a highly accomplished artist David Kassan — check out those paintings!

Gurney Journey: Plane Heads

To my mind, no one is looking at that question, which addresses the place of art and artist in society. Working from imagination is a useful skill aasaro doubt. This weblog by Dinotopia creator James Gurney is for illustrators, plein-air painters, sketchers, comic artists, animators, art students, and writers.

Hello, aforementioned forensic artist here! There was an error submitting your subscription.

I felt that CA. Your jobn address will not be published. One of the interesting things about skin is the way that it is a little translucent, so light spreads though it a little, like marble or milk, rather than like plaster. I also found it difficult working with the planes in the Loomis book and became disheartened, but now feel inspired to try making my own head in a manner of speaking!

The Bargue approach stresses working from the general to the specific, getting the large shapes right first and then refining down.

Thanks for the info on the Asaro jphn. Log in Already have an account? All times are GMT By the way the idea of not using tools like compass and ruler in making the spheres is seeming to pay off as i have developed somewhat of a capacity to make them by hand and am hoping to see them improve as i go along….

Yup, that is the tough part for me. For every Michelangelo there were thousands of jobbing artisans. Sounds ghe, but I think American soap operas and blockbuster movies still work with the same ideal—Harrison Ford looks like he was drawn by Loomis. Paul, when I get those photos of the mannequin head organized, I can send them to you. This post is picking up a thread that I dropped in Aprilthe Loomis head drawings. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Saturday, July 5, Plane Heads. In the video he talks about the Asaro asato, shows a printed handout with the planes model, and then he draws and shows how he uses the planes approach to constuct the head. Message me if you are interested. Looking at history, artists have taken many different roles depending largely on the social milieu they were a part of.

Planes of the Head – Artist’s Mannequin Head

Try doing construction drawings of skulls also — big help. It seems oddly apt that I should start out with the Loomis head and hands book and end up, via Asaro, DuMond and Sargent, back with Bargue and the French academic tradition.

Does it dry hard in the air do you know? I see Caucasian artists drawing Asian subjects who keep insisting on putting in a chiselled nose bridge, or putting angled cheekbones on little children. September 11th, Artists in the Renaissance, as everyone knows, were drilled in drawing, beginning with copying engravings or drawings of the eye in different positions as Bargue follows, more than years later! Speaking of the difference between the ideal and the real, Darren Rousar who runs sight-size.