Saramago’s Jesus is the son not of God but of Joseph. Mary Magdalene is his lover not his convert. In the wilderness he tussles not with the. Or is our knowledge more a product of myth and legend? José Saramago’s fictional account of The Gospel According to Jesus Christ provides. A retelling of Jesus Christ’s life not as the holiest man in the universe but as a man, an everyday man, who is reluctant to take on the duties.

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In the gospell, that is. If you are a hardcore Catholic and cannot stomach sacrilege of any form, stop reading now. This event had a profound impact on Saramago’s life.

Jesus Christ is just another man – The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by José Saramago

In the first hundred or so pages of the novel, the main character appears to be the carpenter Joseph, the father of Jesus, the man. Retrieved 16 May God tells Jesus of his plan for Jesus to institute Christianitybecause God is annoyed at being only the God of one race, and that other gods seem to get all the glory.

Catholics in particular spoke out against the work, which is a long way from depicting Jesus, and God who appears as a character in the novel and speaks directly to Jesus as unequivocally good.

Book Review – A Little Princess.

The Gospel According to Jesus Christ – Wikipedia

But really, this is still fiction, and I think this will leave the reader in a kind of spell, not without some doubts or a bit of thinking for the provocative narrative that the author has laid out in, some parts, a disconcertingly funny way. What Makes a Good Writer. He is the real, and literal, shepherd who provided Jesus a job, a home, and warnings. Later, at BethlehemJesus is born in a cave, [3] and three shepherds — including the “angel” — arrive to bring him presents.

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A Review of José Saramago’s ‘The Gospel According to Jesus Christ’

This is not something that should be read lightly. Mesus, even after his demise, he retains an important place in the history of literature and, some would say, in the interpretation of history.

He understands what God wants in a manner when one cannot really do anything about it, so he tries as much as he could to sympathize and be a real father to Jesus. Jesus survives, but his father, Josephwho has learned of the earamago, neglects to warn the other families in the village, ensuring that his son is safe first, and is plagued by nightmares for the rest of his life.

I have not read Dan Brown; I have nothing against him. Notify me of new comments via email. I am still stuck with Seeing. Called O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo in the original Portuguese version that was published inthis book was released in English in the year His last words from the cross, in referring to God, are “Men, forgive Him, jlse He knows not what He has done.

It places far greater emphasis on the earlier part of Jesus’s life than the canonical gospels do. It is also amazing that the author knows a lot about the Bible. During that time, he authored a long list of novels that still are not only potent and impactful enough to deeply affect their ssaramago, but are also mostly controversial.


One day out on the Sea by himself, he is visited by God and joee devil. The Devil tempts not Jesus into sinning, but God into renouncing his assigned role as the seat of all evil. You are commenting using your Twitter account. There was silence, God and the Devil confronted each other for the first time, both giving the impression of being about to say something, but nothing happened.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay. How to Speak Latin.

As described in the Gospel of MatthewHerod the Great receives a premonition of the birth of the ” King of the Jews ” in the biblical account of Matthew, he is informed by the Magi ; in the book, however, sraamago is visited in his dreams by the prophet Micah.

What else is implied by the idea of the Judeo-Christian God? It is not a book that tries too hard.

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