The kawai q80 has an average rating of out of 5.(The kawai q80 has a total of 35 reviews). The seller I got the GOTEK from lists the KAWAI Q80 as a FYI: The Q80 is rapidly becoming my favorite all time hardware sequencer. Find great deals for Kawai Q Digital Midi Sequencer. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Memory operations primarily have to do with kawi and loading to and from disk, and transmitting and receiving MIDI patch or pattern data to and from a synthesiser or a drum machine.

Each Song can use up to 15, of the available 26, notes. Will I use these extensively? One of the more useful functions of kawau MIDI data mode is the ability to delete certain blocks of information that may no longer be needed.

As with other sequencers, the Q80 allows quantisation to be performed during recording. The Step Back function allows you to return to the start point of the last kawwi edited so that additional notes can be added or removed, if necessary.

Why, then, would any manufacturer want to design another hardware sequencer? Hardware sequencers are still a viable alternative to computers and software as they’re easy to transport, easy to use and, lately, relatively affordable. Impressive as it may be, an instrument can never be everything to everybody, and there are certain things that need to be addressed here.

This is a transpose function that allows you to change the pitch of notes that are a certain note value, such as “shift all F ‘s up 3 semitones”, rather than the Transpose function, which transposes everything in the bar into a new key signature.

Also, recent advances in operational functions and memory capacity including the addition of an onboard disk drive on some units have made dedicated sequencers more attractive than ever. Next article in this issue We Are The Management. Previous Article in this issue Playing The Game. Nor was I alone in my enthusiasm, as is attested by the number of personal computers and sequencing packages currently in use.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. For example, Step Record permits you to enter notes and chords one at a time chords can also be constructed by pressing the Chord button and entering the intervals one note at a time from the keyboard.

January 21, at 3: Extremely difficult musical phrases can be entered kaaai a Track one note or one chord at a time. As an example, the Q80 will correct for note timing at the moment the key is pressed: Notify me of new posts via email.

Kawai Q-80

This, in effect, allows you to quantise the q8 time of the notes when played back from the Q There can be up to Motifs per Song. Also, you can only name it when saving to disk. Bar editing permits you to delete a bar, group of bars, or entire Track, insert a bar or Motif into any point within a Track or Motif, q800 a bar or group of bars this results in a rest because the bar lengths remain intactmix bars between Tracks or Motifs, and kawal a bar or group of bars to another location within the same Track or Motif.

AQ can be used to correct an entire Track or a certain range of bars within a Song or Motif. These MIDI control events are MIDI performance commands that affect the playing style of the music – adding or removing patch change commands as well as adding, removing or editing amounts of velocity, vibrato, sustain pedal, 8q0 pedal, breath controller and so forth. It has some excellent editing capabilities, making it a contender when shopping for a sequencer, either hardware or computer-based.

Plus I got adapters for both along with manuals.

Kawai Q80 (MT Nov 88)

Review by Dave Bertovic. Centred on the panel, the top group allows access to the unit’s operational functions and the lower group accesses track numbers or note values when editing. With both units, the floppy drives work fantastic. If that isn’t enough, you can store approximatelynotes in up to songs on one floppy disk. This feature lets you take pitch-bend of a chord for example, and transform it into a sustain command instead.


Portability would have been nice, especially with the capability of System Exclusive capture. The Motif function is especially mysterious until you actually start using it, and learn by trial-and-error. Please Contribute to mu: You are commenting using your WordPress. Kawai’s first sequencer offers a multitude of elaborate features including extensive editing capabilities, patch storage and a floppy disk drive.

Similar to a pattern in a drum machine, a Motif is a separate memory area that can be used to create Song parts one at a time. You can, however, save a Song to kaawai and kaeai load it back into the Q80 under a different Song number.

Kawai Q80 () digital MIDI sequencer

If you want to save several versions of the same Song, you are also permitted to rename the Song in this mode so that another file with the same name will not be erased. I would be interested in buying it from you if we can work out a fair price. Dave Bertovic investigates the hardware alternative. The single most impressive feature on the Q80 is its ability to allow you to create songs in their entirety, recording directly on the 32 tracks, or to “piece together” a song by recording parts as Motifs and then string a number of these segments together in a track to form kaai song.

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