Kitsune Compendium This massive pdf clocks in at 29 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD, leaving us with a massive Kitsune Compendium Author: Alexander Augunas Cover Design: Alexander Augunas Interior Art: Jacob Blackmon. Designation of Product Identity All company. Wily but noble, kitsune are a race of shapechanging fox-folk. Each Kitsune has two shapes—a slender and attractive human form and its true form of an.

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Kitsune Compendium

Each race opens with a neat little quote spoken by a member of that race. Kitsune Characters Kitsune are defined by class levels—they do not possess racial Hit Dice. Matt has a great array of usurpers, too: That isn’t going away in the Dynastic Races Compendium, but its also not how we’re going to primarily present them. The original Kitsune Compendium and Samsaran Compendium had facts about those races, but for the Dynastic Races CompendiumI thought it would be fun if there were also falsehoods about the races.

DRC Basics

The relations section also got a massive size boost—it now features the race’s interactions with all of the core races, all of the dynastic races, and one type of monster.

That must be some sort of new record. Dungeon of the Mad Mage by Wizards of the Coast.

We also made sure to incorporate new information and ideas were possible. Sell in the Open Gaming Store! The kktsune are always about their opinion of humanity, since most races invariably get compared to humans.

Into the Wintery Gale: Just chiming in compfndium you that that I still live—its been two weeks since the Kickstarter closed, and currently things are quiet. I hope their insurance covers accidental titanic growth spurts. And there you have it! Only kitsune may select this archetype.

The quotes are always about their opinion of humanity, since most races invariably get compared to humans. That doesn’t look pleasant. The bloodline for sorcerors has a completely different focus, centering more on illusions, shapechanging and similar mischief — neat as well!. Fans of the original Microsized Adventures likely remember this scene. Feinting versus foes set to counterspell your magic is also an interesting option — but what I personally like more, would be something completely different: Keep an eye out for those surveys; the sooner you get them kktsune to me, the sooner I can fulfill any rewards that are within my power to fulfill now.


Part of that reason is that racial crunch isn’t sprinkled throughout each race—instead, all rules elements are categorized in the back of the book, in a special options section. As it stands, all seven kitsune ethnicities are pictured among the six images shown. Next time I update, it’ll be with the fully finished cover in hand.

She cannot select a spell-like ability more than once in this way. This section also had compendiu, spellcasting preferences pulled from the player content section and added into the culture section, as those blurbs represented a cultural attitude towards different types of magic. Additionally, studied targets of the slayers replace animal focus.

According to our records, everyone’s payments have been processed so thanks for being absolutely awesome! Now, its about 40 pages long and includes lots of new content.

The final page of this pdf is devoted to an array of cool traits and a fitting drawback for kitsune, involuntary shapechange — all rather iconic and well-balanced! One of the issues I tend to have with race-supplements would be their tendency to create some crunch, slap some fluff on it and then assuming an alignment-based psychology and culture.

I feel like getting stuffed into a jar of preservatives is pretty high on that list, myself. If you have the Kitsune Compendium or the Samsaran Compendiumnot only will you find new information in every section, but there are also entirely new sections to peruse.

The above section is largely unchanged from its appearance in the Kitsune Compendiumsave the alternate racial traits were replaced with artwork. Spirit Tails At 1st level and every two levels thereafter, a jiuweihu gains Magical Tail as a bonus feat. Kyr’shin might be the “Iconic” Forest Kitsune, but that doesn’t mean he has to like the traditional garb!


Kitsune | Pathfinder on Roll20 Compendium

White-furred kitsune are revered for their close connection to their spirit ancestors and typically raised as oracles. At 1st level and every two compendjum thereafter, a jiuweihu gains Magical Tail as a bonus feat.

Most kitsune have ruddy, auburn fur and salient amber or pale blue eyes, though some are born with black, gray, or even white fur. My favorite feature of this section is the art.


Again, thank you backers for helping us make sure that we have one of the most awesome years EVER! Also, we’re still on schedule to start delivering our PDF and print compendiun on time; as mentioned, you have until after GenCon Monday August 8th to respond to the survey.

Kyr’shin does not look happy to be wearing that kimono. Matt Morris Childhood Adventures really outdid himself on this product. Rise of the Drow Player’s Guide. The Swamp of Sorrows 5e. But why not use the eastern elements instead of the compendim ones?

Jeez, Kyr’shin, can’t you go just ONE adventure without something bad happening to you?! Remedial shapechanging — difficult, non-overpowered healing for shapechangers as an optional rule, limited daily to prevent abuse and expandable via new feats — thematically fitting, logical and concise — two thumbs up! We are not only updating Everyman Unchained: Kitdune other reason is that the extreme size changing art that you need to pull off this topic and compendiim varying levels of undress that result from said size changing is a bit uncomfortable when you use human characters as your heroic NPCs.

As you likely noticed, one of the things we’re offering with this Kickstarter is an update to Microsized Adventures, one of our clmpendium critically acclaimed products. I’ve had quite a few people ask for previews, so I thought I would offer some!