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Also data transfer was created for mobile application. The purpose of this work is to create a virtual laboratory workstation with a measuring device – an oscilloscope and a signal generator. An algorithm, measuring the ionizing radiation background and its changes on the screen was created for the selected microcontroller. Konkurrentu set of samples collected specially for this task is used to train these networks. Therefore, dependence konkurehtu the content of the mass media on advertisement when objective information reduces may mean less confidence in an information spreader as well as less creative independence.

The objective of this bachelor thesis is to design and create a 1-channel wearable ECG monitor — an electrocardiogram sensor which is weared kohkurentu the chest area. The microcontroller Knkurentu with installed protocol converted software was used for the implementation of the work. Second, the research part of the work is devoted to analyse engineering industry in the Republic of Croatia with special reference to the metal processing industry in Brod Posavina County.

Njemačke kompanije napuštaju Rusiju

In this Bachelor’s thesis a system is developed for the analysis of biochemical images. Three devices have been created that perform home control and monitoring functions.

Objective — to create a smart outlet system, capable of measuring power consumption, humidity, temperature, controlled using an app for smartphones. Darbo apimtis – 57p.


The modular device will be capable of streaming live video, while the monitoring website will be capable of displaying that video, monitoring system also will be capable of display regular IP cameras. Vilnius,54 p. Students name, surname Edgaras Kazimieras Kazlauskas.

Reklamos davėjo vaidmuo ir poveikis internetinės žiniasklaidos turiniui: telekomunikacijų atvejis

In accordance to schemes the two-sided printed board was manufactured for the control module and sketch of the construction was designed. Analog signal processing and conversion steps are operational, overvoltage and short circuit protection protects the device from failure and short circuit. Bachelor’s thesis consist of: A new set of photos from the video recorder in poor environment conditions has been collected and tagged. An Arduino language program for microcontrollers is written and an online user interface is created.

Vilnius,61 p. Students name, surname Andrius Adamonis. Everything was concluded by cross-correlation algorithm analysis and system testing results. Investigation of embedded system specialized positioning methods.

Software which allows user to authenticate over username and password was created. Using Android Studio with Java programming language Android OS mobile application was created with kokurentu to send, receive and display data from server.

Darbo apimtis — 59 p. Annotation This Bachelor’s thesis contains the prototype of e-notebook. Based on UML diagrams, a software model is developed that provides system performance and a konkruentu web page. The aim of work is to create a local network monitoring system for various computer parameters by connecting the data collection program to computers and displaying them in web applications.

In order to reach the purpose of the work some virtual devices presented by the various manufacturers presently on the market was reviewed and compared to each other. Atlikus matuoklio konkurebtu bandymus, nustatyta nepilnas sistemos funkcionalumas. The aim of the work is to create an efficient intelligent house monitoring system that meets market requirements, to implement and test the prototype of the system.


Students name, surname Mantas Miknys. The analysis of the effective medium approximation method; 3. Two interfaces have been selected for the work: Spread spectrum based data transmission system.

The software application was implemented on konkurrentu STM32 Nucleo motherboard, and graphically – in the Konkurenut gaming engine. The thesis consists of: Systems offering similar functionality and their weak spots were analyzed and a plan for overcoming those weaknesses was made. Master Thesis consists of 61 pages without annexes, 25 figures, 7 tables, 37 bibl.

The result was a computer system which can determine level of grain impurities from photo, hence the goal is achieved. The aim of the master’s thesis is to implement and investigate algorithms for detecting pedestrian in vehicle warning kobkurentu. To reach this goal I created two data sets which are used for training process: Bachelor’s thesis for electronics engineering degree. Students name, surname Tadas Nevinskas. There is made analytical overview of literature sources, investigated positioning methods.

Subject Wearable Electrocardiography Monitor. In the thesis analogous systems are reviewed, the economic substantiation of the product being developed is presented.

Annotations of prepared graduation theses Choose year For system security a user authentication system was developed, that konkrentu a few authorization levels. ,onkurentu verification of developed algorithms was carried out – based on the results, the comparative analysis of different methods was performed.