View Download PDF: Book II (Études ) ( Mo) First edition – Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, n.d.[]. Plates (c-d) The Kopprasch etudes. Practically every serious student of the horn today has studied these etudes, but who exactly was Kopprasch and when were his etudes . Perhaps the oldest of the “old standard” horn etudes are the Kopprasch etudes. Back in my article on the history of the Kopprasch etudes.

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Free sheet music : Kopprasch, Georg – Op.6 – 60 Studies for Low Horn (Horn)

As promised, here are some closing thoughts on the Kopprasch Project. I am extremely grateful to have had the time and resources necessary to complete a project of this scope, and have plans for other videos no more Kopprasch for a while, though in the future.

Write down your comment. By Angie visitor12 Feb at klpprasch Horn Notes Edition on Amazon -.

Download the Original Kopprasch Etudes

Maintaining a centered tone and ringing staccato throughout this etude was a particular challenge for me. From a musical family, Kopprasch was the son of composer Wilhem Kopprasch c. French horn instruments French horn instrument department store.

I first saw these reprinted in the D. In the interest of comparison, I used Windows Movie Maker to edit and produce this video I have been using Camtasia Studio for the majority of my editing. Was this review helpful?


The logical place to breath is after the eighth note in measure 9, but at a fast tempo it etydes a challenge to take a full enough breath which will last until the end of measure James Chambers ; Kopprasch Complete Cornopub, ed. This article on a musician who plays a brass instrument is a stub.

60 Etudes for Low-Horn, Op.6 (Kopprasch, Georg)

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By Jori visitor03 Sep at You are not connected, choose one of two options to submit your comment: Later I obtained a very clean copy of volume 1 of the original Op. Tips and Suggestions for the Op.

Georg Kopprasch – Wikipedia

Can I make a request? I chose to take a little time in measure 9 and really tank up on the air. In short, these etudes were first published in or 33 in versions for high and low hornand the version we most commonly use today is a heavily edited version of the low horn etudes fromwhich is itself a reworking of an edition from the s.


I really appreciate the easy access and will spread this website to my friends! A very long post is possible to talk out the whole big topic of copyright and laws in different countries I give it a brief try in this post but this edition is certainly in the public domain everywhere.

Back in my article on the history of the Kopprasch etudes was published in The Horn Calland a version of it has been online since then in Horn Articles Online in the section on the early valved hornsplit into two parts. In reviewing the earlier studies I cannot help but notice a change in your playing which I suppose might come from more experience and confidence in doing more of these studies.

Connect to add to a playlist. This page was last edited on 28 Augustat A link to a YouTube video of each study is included as well. Another thing to try is practicing the ehudes with the corresponding tonic drones to ensure that each note is centered and in tune.