The Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War, or October War also known as the Arab–Israeli War, Chaim Herzog placed Egyptian helicopter losses at fourteen. War exhibit can be found at The Armored Corps Museum at Yad La- Shiryon. Les officiers de Sa Majesté: Les dérives des généraux marocains – La guerra del Yom Kippur by Chaim Herzog at – ISBN – ISBN – Inédita Ediciones – – Softcover. Sorry, this document isn’t available for viewing at this time. In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the ‘Download’ button above.

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He then threatened “I will say it straight that if you find it impossible to act jointly with us in this matter, we should be faced with the necessity urgently to consider taking appropriate steps unilaterally. Meanwhile, the Egyptian commandos airdropped on October 6 began encountering Israeli reserves the following morning.

Shmuel Gonen had demanded Sharon capture the position, and Sharon had reluctantly ordered the attack. Having practiced on the Golan Heights numerous times, Israeli gunners made effective use of mobile artillery. These two authors make a very good team. The Israeli blockade substantially damaged the Egyptian economy. Israeli jets also attacked and destroyed underground communication cables at Banha in the Nile Deltaforcing the Egyptians to transmit selective messages by radio, which could be intercepted.

Books by Chaim Herzog.

Anticipating a swift Israeli armored counterattack by three armored divisions, [] the Egyptians had armed their assault force with large numbers of man-portable anti-tank weapons— rocket-propelled grenades and the less numerous but more advanced Sagger guided missiles, which proved devastating to the first Israeli armored counterattacks.

Syria ignored the Geneva Conventions and many Israeli prisoners of war were tortured or killed. Six people were held particularly responsible for Israel’s failings:.

La guerra del Yom Kippur

By the early morning of 7 October, all attempts to patch the breach in the main defensive line of the southern sector became futile because also the center and right flank of the th AB had started to collapse. On September 27 and 30, two batches of reservists were called up by the Egyptian army to participate hwrzog these exercises.

Unflinching look at mistakes and brilliance of the lead up to, actual war and post-war lessons. Soviet warships in the Mediterranean were authorized to open fire on Israeli combatants approaching Soviet convoys and transports. However, the day before the offensive was to begin, the United Nations imposed its ceasefire following the acquiescence of both Israel and Egypt. For the week leading up to Yom Kippur, the Egyptian army staged a week-long training exercise adjacent to the Suez Canal.


Adan’s three armored brigades fanned out, with one advancing through the Geneifa Hills, another along a parallel road south of them, and the third chaaim towards Mina.

Herzog Chaim – La Guerra Del Yom Kippur | Doriana Medina –

Israeli missile boats utilized their 76mm cannons and other armaments to strike targets along the Egyptian and Syrian coastlines, including wharves, oil tank farms, coastal batteries, radar stations, airstrips, and other targets of military value.

After three days, Israel had mobilized most of its forces and halted the Egyptian offensive, resulting in a military stalemate. Kenneth Pollack wrote that 18 Egyptian aircraft were shot down, and that these losses prompted the cancellation of the second planned wave. He was succeeded by Anwar Sadat.

It now successfully crossed the axis of 9th ID to the north. Greengold suffered burn injuries, but stayed in action and repeatedly showed up at critical moments from an unexpected direction to change the course of a skirmish. Some Egyptian helicopters were shot down, and those commando forces that managed to land were quickly destroyed by Israeli troops In one key engagement on October 13, a particularly large Egyptian incursion was stopped and close to a hundred Egyptian commandos were killed.

Individual Israeli soldiers gave testimony of witnessing comrades killed after surrendering to the Egyptians, or seeing the bodies of Israeli soldiers found blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs. The Syrians remained close to the Soviet Union. Shipping destined for Israel through the Gulf of Eilat was halted by the Egyptians. The Israeli Navy had no means of lifting the blockade due to the long range involved, and the Israeli Air Force, apparently also incapable of lifting the blockade, did not challenge it.

The 2nd and 3rd Armies were ordered to attack eastward in six simultaneous thrusts over a broad front, leaving behind five infantry divisions to hold the bridgeheads. Another were disabled but returned to service after repairs. General Shazly strongly opposed any eastward advance that would leave his armor without adequate air cover. Yitzhaki based his claim on army documents. The Israelis had lost 80 dead and wounded, with an unknown number of Egyptian casualties, for no tactical gain see Battle of Suez.

This turned into an operational surprise, as the Iraqis attacked the exposed southern flank of the advancing Israeli armor, forcing its advance units to retreat a few kilometres in order to prevent encirclement.

Others countered that Syria had strong defenses—antitank ditches, minefieldsand strongpoints— and that it would be better to fight from defensive positions in the Golan Heights rather than the flat terrain deeper in Syria in the event of another war with Syria.


Civilian Jewish settlements had been evacuated. Dayan in the morning of 7 October called Shalhevet Freierthe director-general of the Israel Atomic Energy Commissionto a meeting with Golda Meir to discuss the possible arming of nuclear weapons.

Israeli armor and paratroopers also entered Suez in an attempt to capture the city, but they were confronted by Egyptian soldiers and hastily raised local militia forces.

The brigades slipped past the dug-in Egyptian infantry, moving out from the greenbelt for hegzog than eight kilometres, and fought off multiple Egyptian counterattacks. Assad only saw negotiations beginning once the Golan Heights had been heraog by force, which would induce Israel to give up the West Bank and Gaza, and make other concessions.

Brezhnev said that if Israel did not, “we will have difficulty keeping the military situation from flaring up”—an indication that the Soviet Union had been unable to restrain Sadat’s plans. Two oil tankers, of 48, ton and 2, ton capacity, sank after hitting mines in the Gulf. By this time, the Israelis had committed about tanks to battle.

Yom Kippur War

The Soviets ultimately reacted by deploying two destroyers cahim the Syrian coast. The heaviest air battles took place over the northern Nile Delta, where the Israelis repeatedly attempted to destroy Egyptian airbases.

After the failed conference Henry Kissinger started conducting shuttle diplomacy, meeting lq Israel and the Arab states directly. Between October 9 and October 12 the American response was a call for cease-fire in place. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Following the UN ceasefire, there were constant artillery exchanges and skirmishes, and Israeli forces continued to occupy positions deep within Syria.

La guerra del Yom Kippur – Chaim Herzog – Google Books

About noon on October 25, Kissinger appeared before the press at the State Department. The other Arab states showed much more reluctance to fully commit to a herzot war.

The shock and sudden reversals that occurred at the beginning of the war inflicted a terrible psychological hfrzog to the Israelis, who had hitherto experienced no serious military challenges.