Lavinia has ratings and reviews. Lyn said: Is it possible that Ursula K. LeGuin can write a bad book?I guess anything is possible: I could. In The Aeneid, Vergil’s hero fights to claim the king’s daughter, Lavinia, with whom he is destined to found an empire. Lavinia herself never speaks a word. Now. Lavinia [Ursula K. Le Guin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers .

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A Comedy of Justice by Robert A.

Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin

The angry feminist pot ceases to boil. And the pace wasn’t great for me. Jul 20, John rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ok, updating and rating 4 stars! How lee that be, a ghost that knows she doesn’t exist is telling her inexistent biography to a poet that’ll immortalise her in just a passage or two?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. He is a killer.

Core to her penetrating appreciation of life is her deep understanding of what divides, and unites, the genders. Slightly less evil are thos Being a lady classicist often requires willful acts of cognitive dissonance. Also lots of animal sacrifices, which are upsetting to read about but almost never graphic. There, I said it. Lavinia notes that kneeling for supplication is degrading, and the nastier warlords might think the supplicant is offering them a sexual favor.

Being a lady classicist often requires willful acts of cognitive dissonance. I thought this book was boring. Is Virgil hallucinating or something like that? But I wasn’t able to lose myself in said story. She has taken a minor, even bloodless character from that poem, and breathed life into her.


Mar 01, Adrienne rated it really liked it. About ursuls through, the book goes past ursual point where the original poem ended, but the transition is seamless. I think if you have lost a great happiness and try to recall it, you’re only asking for sorrow, but if you do not try to dwell on the happiness, sometimes you find it dwelling in your heart and body, silent but sustaining.

Le Guin has a true gift for evoking the mysterious echoes of a far distant mythic past. But she should have jumped in with both feet and defined a whole world, as only she can do.

The auspices were rightfully given to an Etruscan character to read, guinn believably Latinus, Lavinia’s father received omens from his forefathers in the sacred places. Lavinia is a book of passion and war, generous and austerely beautiful, from a writer working at the height of her powers.

Her interest in non-Western philosophies was reflected in works such as ursupa and ‘The Telling’ but even more interesting are her imagined societies, often mixing traits extracted from her profound knowledge of anthropology acquired from growing up with her father, the famous anthropologist, Alfred Kroeber.

I don’t blame Vergil for barely mentioning Lavinia — she might well have been lost to history if he never named her; if she even was an actual historical figure — but I do appreciate Le Guin’s attempt to breathe some life into her narrative.

It is a book of bittersweet sorrows, of shared joys. Lw, for this reader at least, Le Guin pulls it off, gently reminding us how all readers are creators, in their way, shading in and colour-washing the sometimes faint outlines proffered by poets. The book can be read as a simple narrative, and as an invitation to the reader to muse on the roles of creator and created. Lavinia’s character was handled with grace and imagination.


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But instead of being imbued with Helen’s self-confidence, or even with her uncanny beauty, Lavinia is a mere shadow. Having now read “Aeneid” in its translated entirety, I can’t really fault myself for not remembering Lavinia.

It was like listening to pan-pipe music; inoffensive, but basically dull. The Aeneid, which Virgil left unfinished at his death in 19BC, took Aeneas, a bit-part player from the Iliad, and gave him a starring role.

In a richly imagined, beautiful new ursuka, an acclaimed writer gives an epic heroine her voice.

The princess with flaming hair

This lsvinia of Virgil’s Aeneid from Lavina’s point of view is blissfully mythic. Even a poet cannot get everything right. Don’t go reading Le Guin expecting Koontz. My father was old, but I was young.

Lavinia by Ursula le Guin: review – Telegraph

I was convinced that Aeneas was a douche, that Creusa got screwed over, that Dido got royally screwed over and should have ripped Aeneas’s balls off, and that Lavinia was a breed sow with pretty hair. At the end, Lavinia is transformed into an owl; lavinoa immediately made me think of Blodauwedd from the Mabinogion, who also is the creation of another a magician, not a poet and unable to choose her own husband and who also rebels – and is also transformed into a owl jrsula the fighting is over.

My mother was mad, but I was not.