LEGO set database: Electric Passenger Train Set. Lego Electric Passenger Train Set Year Released: ‘. New Sealed Set. We will reply within 24 hour, if not sooner! Not responsible for Custom Delays. Find great deals for Vintage Lego 12 V Electric Passenger Train – Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Also, it appears that your set also has the newer couplers, i. Thanks for this wonderful review! Edited May 17, by Panda The pantograph of the front car. You can also build this in other colors, like a yellow one: The chair was just loose so it should be placed on the 2×2 plate that is also visible in the picture of the middle car.

Also the door in the middle adds something special to the 77725. I have some decouplers but we don’t use them because they are not really that reliable.

Apparently the former owner used Lighting Set 12 V to upgrade the train with working back- and frontlights. As far as I know, no other passenger train has the doors in the middle.

After our Dark ages we my brother, cousin and myself got all 12V trains at least once.



LEGO always used tiles in such a trains to make it easier for kids to take off the roof and have access to the minifig passengers etc. As you can see, some vandal must have nocked over this one. The images aren’t working. Driven by a skeleton. Are you going to review the other 12v sets if you have elgo time?

Posted September 7, The driver is in fact the only minifig that was included in the set.

Vintage Lego 12 V Electric Passenger Train – | eBay

The middle car has 4 chairs. Still one for sale. Posted September 7, edited. With the light assembly it really won’t matter, play-wise, or if you don’t have any decouplers, but it’s still a bit of a bummer.

Posted December 30, The train in all its splendor.

A closeup of the last car with steering stand to allow the train to travel back and forth without having to ‘make head’, in other words: Our most favorite theme is 12V trains. If you move both of them one stud forward so that the back of the seat lines up with the edge of the windowit’ll solve the problem, and still leave space for a figs to be seated in the other chairs.

LEGO Electric Passenger Train Set | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

If you try to seat a minifig in either of them, you’ll quickly find that it’s impossible, beacuse the door interferes with the figs’ required personal space. As it turns out, the lights are there also in the instructions. I must have gotten the somewhere in or even although it was 7752 in As you can see it doesn’t occur at the back of the 12V era train instructions although its larger brother the does.


Register a new account. This early morning train seems to have 77725 passenger: A like the older LEGO trains.

I’ve build 4 trains of it and sold 2 lrgo them. A great review for a great set. Here you can take a look at the inside of the engine car.

Oh, and I can’t help but think that the chairs in the middle carriage are somewhat oddly placed, because those placed next to the door are unusable because the door takes up room needed for figs’ arms.

Here the ‘proof’ that it is an electric train. As you can see, our version of the train has a different front than the one in the instructions. Already have an account?