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Finished the base, it’s quite big.

Instructions For LEGO 8421 Mobile Crane

The base of the turntable consists of beams and “Pin Connector Perpendicular 3L legoo 4 Pins”, and is locked by some 15L beams.

The pneumatic lifting of the boom is original, but doesn’t work as well as you’d suspect, as the air leaks lowers the boom over the cause of a few minutes. Next is the outriggers- Two sets are made and placed in front and back.

The engine is a standard Technic 6-cylinder V. Yellow is still yellow. And this at step It’s enough to keep 14 Technic figs occupied. These knobwheels are later connected to the outriggers. Sorry for bumping an old topic, I thought it would be better to ask here, rather than create new topic. The motor is placed on the side of the crane. The stickers on mine was worn, but they don’t make a big difference when building this set.


In comparison, the has steps for its pieces, giving a ratio of 3 pieces. The roof is mainly made of axles and liftarms.

Search – Building Instructions – service

Next is the sides, which do not open in this model. That’s just the models I have made up that I am slowly taking apart as I need parts. In comparison, the has steps for its pieces, giving a ratio of 3 pieces per step. Two double-bent liftarms keeps the axle in place. Matt The Tuba Guy. Posted January 23, An electric RC motor operates the crane winch and expansion, and two pneumatic cylinders lifts the boom. I think this is a great model, with lots of functions and parts.

So, how would YOU lefo this set? I voted Very Good.

It also took me 4 hours to disassemble for this review: You lgeo see how the winch line will go through the two perpendicular axle and pin connectors. Placed here along with some decorational “Vehicle Grilles”. The seconday boom is next. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

LEGO Mobile Crane Instructions , Technic

Next is the cocpit. It also prevents this crane legp lifting anything weighing more than a few grams. Mine are a bit more organized, bad part is I spend as much time taking them apart and putting the parts way as I do building them. This cage will hold the turntable in place. If I apply a lot of force to the string, it winds up well enough.


lego technic 8421

Next is making some wheelbases. These gears will control steering and outriggers from the back of the truck.

Another gear rack to extend the steering to the first axle. The crane has its own cabin.

Two pneumatic hoses are joined to simultaneously apply pressure to both. The pneumatic switch is placed on the side of the base. Register a new account. However, despite it being much bigger thanI actually prefer the older crane. This sure has lots of playing features.

The middle axle holds the differential which will power the engine. Rather than having them named book 1 and 2, they have greyed out the part that’s not present in each book. Finished windshield and lights. Posted September 1, The gear rack for the secondary boom is added. Crane finished, now all that remains is the hook. Some reinforcing beams and bricks. The lower handle controls the changeover catch.

Levo strings with studs are attached on the far side of the secondary boom. Note the 32L axle. The engine has broken down so they can’t lower the boom.