View and Download Lexicon MPX user manual online. Lexicon Dual Channel Processor Stereo kHz S/PDIF Digital Output User Guide MPX MPX – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: User guide • Read online or download PDF • Lexicon MPX User Manual.

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The test then adds the contents of the entire ROM including the Checksum byte. Generates an error message.

These are represented by RR Verify that the front panel controls operate smoothly and correctly. This feature is provided as a convenience for practice purposes, and is intended to provide only modest volume. Controls the proportion of processed wet to unprocessed dry signals. Adjust is completely different in — each of the Variations, so be sure to experi- ment with all of them.

Lexicon MPX 100 User Manual

C7 is discharged through D5 on power down. Verify that the processed audio has no audible pops, clicks, or distor- tion. Hold to have input level determine tempo. Power up the MPX 1 00, then press and hold the Bypass.

Use the right input for mono sources. If the unit is exposed to a dusty environment, a vacuum or low-pressure blower may be used to remove dust from the unit’s exterior. Tighten the rear-panel screws next to the power connector. Set the headphone amplifier volume control to its lowest level.


Lexicon MPX 100 user manual

The Level LEDs will light to indicate the test has been successfully completed. To print the manual completely, please, download it. When installing pots, jacks or displays, make sure that they are mechanically flush with the circuit board prior to soldering in place.

To exit testing, press and hoid Store for a few seconds, then release. The logic levels from the encoders are only valid when the enable pin 5 is low. To save them, download them before initializing, then reload them when the test is done. Replace the cover, being careful to align mpd jacks and power connector with the holes in the rear of the cover. Disconnect the oscillator from the MPX 1 00 input, or turn the oscillator off.

Contact Lexicon Cus- tomer Manuap. Use the right output con- nector for mono output. These codes are ncluded In the following descriptions. Both the green Level LEDs will light to indicate the test has passed.

Repeat the test, verifying levels for the MPX 1 00 Left output. Press and hold the front panel Tap button.

Program Descriptions The programs in the MPX are designed to provide a full palette of high caliber ambience, reverb, delay, pitch shift and other effects. Replace the seven 7 knobs on the front panel. Put on headphones, then set the headphone amplifier volume to a comfortable listening level. Release Tap and verify that the LED turns off. Press and hold the front panel Store button.


Press Store to exit the Burn-In Loop. Holding the front panel face down, reinsert the buttons. R6 and R8 pull non-selected columns to ground for proper detection of the switches.

Press Store to execute the test. Effects Processors with Dual Program Variations If the test passes, both green Level LEDs will light.

Press T ap to have the MPX 1 00 continuously run the failed test while you examine the circuitry.

Full text of “Lexicon: MPXservicemanual”

For this reason, the left and right inputs short to ground when empty. Those tests which can be set into looping behavior mahual Tap are noted. Ali shipments must be weli packed using the original packing materiais if possibieproperly insured, and consigned to a reliable shipping agent.

Press Store to enter Extended Diagnostics Mode which allows more thorough testing of the unit.