In July , Ley de , a comprehensive tobacco control law, expanded smokefree coverage to all hospitality venues, making .. Marín L. Aún quedan muchos cigarrillos por apagar de aprobar la ley antitabaco. . a Toro Torres DF. Capital Política de México. También visita: México. Vive el pasado, el presente y el futuro de la Capital de México. Experience the past, the. Con las leyes aprobadas, el control del tabaco en México se ha fortalecido y Ley de Protección a la Salud de los No Fumadores en el Distrito Federal.2 En por las dos leyes aprobadas, así como por cualquier otra medida antitabaco, está.

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La Jornada: La corrupción y la falta de interés oficial limitan cumplimiento de la ley antitabaco

The absence of strong governmental support inhowever, has diminished the potential of continuing the success of the City law.

Tsoukalas T, Glantz SA. Journal of Applied Social Psychology ; Contributors EC collected most of the data and drafted the paper. Health organization monitoring, external funding, and hospitality industry support contributed to effective implementation, and could be cultivated in other low and middle income countries.


Whereas Mexico City issued its implementing regulation in 1 month, the federal government took 15 months until 30 May to issue its regulation.

ReadCube Visualizar o texto. National Academy Press; Cabrera R, Perez J. Local health departments distributed materials to business owners and the public before and after implementation.

In and Fenalco distributed flyers to business owners and employees claiming smoking in terraces was allowed 4450 because they were not under roofs 51 and claimed that health advocates were maligning Fenalco for its interpretation. Total banning of smoking is associated with reduction in smoking prevalence, amount of cigarette smoked per day, and an increase in cessation rates.

Pan American Health Organization. Smokefree laws protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke and reduce tobacco-induced diseases. Cuestionan el proyecto antitabaco. Cotinine concentration in smokers from different countries: Local smokefree policy development in Sant Fe.

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interests. The Stationery Office, The effects of clean indoor air laws: Reclaman restaurantes ley pareja. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. El conjunto ganador fue el concepto de aire fresco en fondas, bares y restaurantes.


The proposed regulation sent to COFEMER required all establishments to install sophisticated ventilation systems to prevent smoke leakage. Support Center Support Center. As in the US, 24 health advocates engaged the public through media creating a public forum to debate the key and impact of the law, both locally 4963 and nationally. Despite minimal enforcement, compliance with the City law has been high. Hospitality sector complaints and legal challenge to City law.


Tob Control ;11 4: Some denounce changes and some promote the law.

Monitoring, outside funding, and business support. As elsewhere, the tobacco industry utilised the hospitality sector to block smokefree legislation, challenged the City law before the Supreme Court and promoted the passage of a federal law that required designated le areas.

US Environmental Protection Agency.

A Report of the Surgeon General: Please review our privacy policy. Colombia serves as an example of successful implementation of smokefree air in a middle income dv.