LGB 51750 PDF

LGB # ACCESSORY CONTROL BOX–Momentary for Operating Accessories. Use this box to control up to four EPL switches, signals, uncouplers or. LGB – Control from Gaugemaster. Hello All I recently acquired a LGB to power my electric switch machines. The unit came with directions but what I cannot decipher.

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Control Box

Seems lhb but the alternative is to connect it to the ohter side of the handheld that puts out a variable volt to the track. Works with all LGB signal and switch motor types 4 independent switches for bi-directional motor control Pilot Light on front panel Weather-resistant construction for indoor and outdoor use German Made Thick UV stable plastic for structural support Operates on 18 volt AC power Mfg: Quote message in reply?

I understand these are used to connect a booster and other units inline. Thanks for the info and handy link. Contact Us – myLargescale. BB code is On. Use the male and female “piggyback” terminals on the sides of the box Fig.

User Name Remember Me? The control box has 4 independent control switches and a Pilot Light. I believe you have confirmed what I thought KRS. A nice and tidy arrangement for my Christmas layout. If adding a second unit, it just attaches to 517500 first unit with the banana type connectors at the end.



Just hook up the colors for the EPL drives. Do you have the user manual? Click here for larger photos, Instruction Manual and product details Questions?

The time now is These are marked with a wiggly line lg numbers 3 and 4 and also 17 and 18 on the screw terminal line.

This unit was designed for the older 3 wire epl drives as well as the newer 2 wire drives.

The switch box’s Original New peel and stick graphic sheet is included The switch box has power input and output jacks on each side sharing power with adjacent boxes Each channel has 4 output terminals for connecting both 2 and 3 terminal switch motors Output terminal strip for power in and outputs for each of the 4 switches. Since I am only using the one unit should I make up plugs to connect 57150 the male ends and will that power the unit?

So, my AC power goes directly to the booster and then the banana type 511750 has the attached without using any wires.

Should the switch machine be connected to 20 volts? The 3 and 4 are colour coded black and white just like the connectors on the transformer 5175 I will add wires to that to power the Options Quote message in reply?

LGB 51750 Moment.Switch Control

The transformer pushes 20 volts out of it. Problem with LGB switch, machine, and control box. I am assuming that the black and white wire from the transformer will screw into these terminals but I would like to be sure before I fry the diodes or my switches. I do have the directions that came with the switch box but they don’t really tell where to pick up the juice to power the The unit came with directions but what I cannot decipher through the English and German wording and diagrams is how to connect power to this thing.


LGB – Control

Designed for indoor or outdoor use Options: The switch box’s Original New peel and stick graphic sheet is included. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. I mounted the switch box and the throttle controller to a nice piece of wood ran 2 wires from the transformer to the terminals on the switchbox then used the male leads sticking out the side of the switch box to continue power to the throttle controller.

Thanks Dan and KRS for replying. Register Now In lbb to be able to post messages on the myLargescale. The switch box has power input and output jacks on each side sharing power with adjacent boxes.