Commonly referred to as Luangpor Thong, Luangpor Thong Abhakaro is a Buddhist monk and teacher of Mahasati Meditation —a meditation method developed by his teacher, Luangpor Teean Jittasubho. Luangpor Teean, the Noble One. Luangpor Teean Jittasubho (birth name Phan Intapew) (), was born on 5th September , at Buhom village. Also the Thai monk Luang Por Teean taught a (more conservative) form of active meditation which in Luang Por Teean’s translated books is.

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If we pay too much attention trying to see it, it will not think. He built major meditation centers at Wat Paphutthayan outside of the town of Loei in and Wat Mokkhavanaram outside the town of Khonkaen in We imagine in this luanpor that monks are like bank accountants responsible for calculating the interest owed to us after we die, do we?

Now we come to study at ourself. Luang por was not willing to go to his nephew’s funeral, giving as the reason that ‘ there is no use trying to help somebody who is dead’.

And he knew ‘ultimate meaning ‘ it is not knowing, yeean is seeing, understanding in a profound way, it means ‘reality’. What he did was only being aware of the movements of the body and mind. As soon as it thinks, detach from thought, like a cat catching a rat. Whether one realizes it or not, one has to come to this point, everybody is going to die for sure, this tean real, this is a truth, it can not be otherwise, it doesn’t alter, whether one studies or not, whether one is rich or poor, we all have to die.

Luang por Wanthong had people ask for a meditation-object, and to determine the time reean begin and stop practicing. Phra venerable; noble is indifference.


Luangpor Thong

But with the knowledge of one that has panna, to know and to see can be separated. When we really see it, we will be able to guarantee that it is already there in everybody and that anybody, if they really practice, they must know it, they must see it, and they must have it. Por Teean later moved to Chiengkhan, a larger community, where his sons could attend school. When asked what he knew, Por Teean said that he knew himself.

For their help in the production of this book we would like to thank the following: He never lost his interest in meditation, and as he got older, he would attend regular retreats.

If we luangpkr sati, then when thought arises we become aware of it, and it stops. When Luang por came back home, he opened a retreat of over 10 days. Why Did He Ordain?

Mahasati Meditation – Brief Biography of Luangpor Teean Jittasubho

He was Laotian and had learned the ‘Dting-Ning’ meditation from Burma, mentally noting the ‘Rising-Falling’ of body movements. To be either gullible or sceptical and of closed mind, each is equally misguided. He then moved to Chiangkhan and built two meditation centers there at Wat Santivanaram and Wat Phonchai. When the quality of being human arises the quality of being other disappears immediately.

When there is nobody to say bad things to us, we are already comfortable, because the comfortable is already there. When that person sees someone drowning and helps immediately, is it the result of social ethics or is it their own nature?

In reality there is no gladness or sadness, they just arise from moha, don’t they? Luang Por Teean was born in Loei in You should not pay so much attention to the movement, but use sati to watch conceptual thought.

Phan was ordained as a monk at the age of twenty in accordance to the Thai tradition.

Luangpor Thong – Wikipedia

He was diagnosed to have stomach cancer malignant lymphoma in In light of this, I decided from that moment on to seek true Dharma, that which would free me from the grasp of dukkha Suffering. Now we don’t have to fear papa.


He answered, “Monastic rank is the creation and concern of society. This conscious luagnpor is the world. Then, having sati in each movement, move the right hand up the chest, then swing it out to above the right leg, then lower it to rest on the thigh, and then turn the hand back down again.

The method of concentration and the silent luwngpor of a koan is quite different from the method of developing awareness through bodily movement. When Luangpor returned after meeting the man, I asked about their encounter. Whatever movement we make we will know it.

Brief Biography of Luangpor Teean

Furthermore, at that point he knew clearly that rupa-nama was dukkham-aniccam-anatta unbearable-unstable-uncontrollable ; by seeing with insight he also knew clearly the difference between actuality and supposition. Whenever we cannot see our own life, cannot see our own mind, in that moment we are unaware of ourself, we forget ourself. Whenever conceiving thought arises, samadhi will see it immediately. If we cannot conquer papa then we will have no chance and no time to conquer it.

When a monk gives people the moral precepts and a blessing, that is one kind of goodness, but the real morality and real blessing is alertness and awareness of yourself. He was diagnosed to have stomach cancer malignant lymphoma in This is called sila has arisen; therefore sila is the tool to get rid of teeah crude kilesa.