Luminarium [Alex Shakar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction. “Heady and. James is never mentioned in Alex Shakar’s heady and engrossing new novel, “ Luminarium,” but he haunts the book, which grapples. Picture yourself stepping into a small, cuboid room. In the center squats an old recliner, upholstered in black vinyl.”.

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Nothing has meaning; our collective doubt is increasingly hard to ignore. How would one ever really know what the truth was, in such a system? That’s one unlucky strike against Fred. I think the author goes too many directions with very little focus or direction.

May 08, Pages. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Shakar has quite a flair for seeing things in a unique light. Which brings me to my few disappointments with the novel. Oct 19, Leila rated it it was amazing.

Second, I have this feeling that all characters in this book are not “normal” in a sense. It’s an odd book. Such questions sound embarrassingly occult and irrelevant nowadays, but consider that this was once a primary theological issue for Americans. The result is a strikingly metaphysical novel that never dematerializes into misty cliches, a book syakar challenge the mystic and the doubter alike.

The major complication is that Fred, the narrator, begins receiving cryptic, mysterious, and uncannily personal emails, texts, and other communiques from his twin brother who is still in the hospital in a coma from which he hasnt awoken in over 6 months. And that, my friends, is a delicate balance to strike; with the incredible exception of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the GalaxyI’m not sure I’ve ever seen it struck so deftly.


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New York copes, but is forever changed. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Hinduism plays a major role, along with reiki.

For the most part I enjoyed that aspect of it. I wanted to love this as a spiritual novel, and mostly Lumminarium did. I was hoping to b Luminarium reminds me of Neal Stephenson mixed with Franzen.

I had high hopes for this book. Irritation is not something I expected to experience reading a book.

luminariuk Fred is a paid lab rat, part of an experiment by neuro-scientists at NYU. Everyone over the age of eighteen with an internet connection should read this book. Other than that, I cannot say why I liked, rather than loved Alex Shakar’s novel. Aug 06, Shelley Ettinger rated it liked it.

Alex Shakar

Nov 03, Peter Colclasure rated it did not like it. This is essentially the premise of Alex Shakar’s novel entitled Luminariumwhere the topic of human despair interfaces with modern technol An edited version of this article was shakra published as Book Review: Shskar in spots, deeply emotional in others.

He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois and teaches fiction writing at the University of Illinois. The Mayor of Casterbridge. To alwx things further, he begins receiving highly technical messages from none other than his brother George. I thoroughly appreciated the parts about Celebration, Florida, as well as the party magician scenes, which were actually relatively minor parts. As one reviewer on Amazon, the protagonist can’t walk across the room in less than a paragraph.

When shakae fiction, one usually “roots for” one person. The video game company he and his brothers founded has been stolen by a military company that uses its g As his twin languishes in a coma, a man seeks spiritual enlightenment and meaning, aided by texts and emails that seem to be coming from his brother. The suspense of the story was more like Neal Stephenson.



View all 3 comments. Aug 20, Judy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Shakar examines shakqr extraordinary event through the lens of both cutting-edge science and spirituality, creating fascinating contrasts and comparisons but rarely any contradictions.

I’d done a panel with Alex Shakar at the LA Times book fest a couple of years ago, bought his book but had not cracked it until now. Use cutting-edge technology to explore a blend of quantum mechanics, Buddh Spiritual thriller promises much but delivers weak emotional punch With its blend of technology and spirituality, Alex Shakar’s latest novel grabbed my attention early.

It was like having a deep tissue massage that went horribly wrong – good intentions and maybe on another day it would have been great but ended up just being a real pain in the From my limited knowledge of Buddhist practice, I suspect that when Fred retreats into mu meditation he progresses through the traditional stages of Zen enlightenment. He was a Michener Fellow at the University of Texas. There were a few places where I felt he was doing a research paper rather than telling a story, but not too many to lose my interest in what happens to Fred.