Documents Similar To Mano Salwa by Umera Ahmed Complete. La Hasil by ( Umaira Ahmed) Teri Yaad Khaar -E- Gulaab Hai (Novel #). Uploaded by. Documents Similar To Man-O-Salwa by Umaira Ahmed. Amarbail 2 by Umaira Ahmed. Uploaded by. Malik Umair Ashraf · Jo Bache Hen Sung Sameet Lo by. Man o Salwa novel pdf revolves around the blessings and sway of ethics and morals on people’s lifestyles. It is a narrative concerning the.

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Karam Ali was by far the most adventurous of the lot but the difference was that unlike Zainab and Shiraz, his ventures were mostly involuntary. He made a complete fool of himself throughout the book and strangely he never felt as miserable as a person should have felt in his situation.

Truth about the people who earn n earn whmed earn and truth about the people who use them. Some of readers might say that umrra see its just a novel and it happens like this”. Peer-e-Kamil her previous work is a novel that is loved and adored by almost anyone and everyone who can get their hands on it.

My most fav novel i can read it more than times.

Characters of Unera and Karam Ali can be regarded as the best written characters of any Urdu novel. I was not able to follow their relation with each other. Notify me of new posts by email.


Man-O-Salwa by Umera Ahmad

You can’t stop yourself from reading it further. Pin It on Pinterest. He was similar to Zainab in being emotional and having experienced betrayal from his loved ones but unlike her, he never compromised the purity of his soul or the idea of revenge never found a way into his head. Umera Ahmed did her best effort to portray this subject as beautifully as she could yet I would say that this is not one of her best works.

Nov 16, Shabnam Saleem rated it it was amazing. One flaw in her personality was that she was emotional to the point of foolishness. Nov ssalwa, Sana rated it liked it Shelves: July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Why not give stars? January 25, 58, I am finding it very difficult to review this book because I liked it despite the flaws and the things I liked are fairly hard to be put into words. In my opinion it was more complicated that it could be.

At least I did. Zainab, Shiraz, Karam Ali and Zarri are from extremely poor families and as they struggle to make both ends meet, they are caught in a never ending conflict between their emotional relationships and their obligations.

من و سلویٰ by Umera Ahmed

We are not hosting torrents, we are giving alternative download links through torrent for ease. It is a story of people ahemd try to escape poverty but umdra it makes clear beyond doubt is that Rizq-e-Haram is not the way out. Apr 28, Areeba Siddique rated it it was ok. Permissible source of income has effect on our daily life indubitably which is portrayed nicely in man o salwa. She has written about 16 bookscomprising of complete novels and compilations of short stories.


An intense story with Umera Ahmed’s heart wrenching writing style.

Man-O-Salwa by Umera Ahmad « Featured « Reading Section

It was a great novel in many aspects but it has some flaws as well. To salwaa her in the best possible way, I would say that she wanted to have her cake and eat it as well.

Halal always saves you, though apparently if it doesn’t seem like happening. Her father dies and her family disowns her.

Refresh and try again. Man-o-Salwa by Umera Ahmed. It was a very long and complicated story.

This book combines all the realities of life that are present around us and in us: You can search Man O Salwa for Iphone by clicking here.